Fun. releases “Why Am I the One” music video

March 2, 2013

Indie pop group Fun. – a band perhaps best known for their smash hit singles “We Are Young” and “Some Nights”, and who recently snatched up two Grammy awards for Best New Artist and Song of the Year – has made another splash on the music scene with their latest music video release.  “Why Am I the One”, the latest single off of Fun.’s platinum record Some Nights, is a catchy tune rooted in emotion and showcasing the unique and impressive sound that has come to be synonymous with Fun. as a band.  Bearing this in mind, Fun. nails the music video, which – along with depicting a story for the audience to follow – adapts a stylistic nature for an interesting twist.

The video begins at an airport baggage claim, where band members Nate Ruess, Andrew Dost, and Jack Antonoff are shown waiting to presumably retrieve their luggage.  As the trio stands around in anticipation, we hear an instrumental of their hit “Some Nights”, warped to achieve an elevator-music tone – much like the type of music you might hear whilst waiting for something to occur.

When luggage begins to appear on the claim, we are introduced to a battered old suitcase which becomes the subject of the music video.  As the lyrics of the song begin, the audience is taken on a ride as the story of the suitcase begins to be told.  We see the bag getting thrown about, transferring from grimy street corner to ancient pawn shop to the middle of a gambling table, where men shrouded in cigarette smoke fight over who will “win” the contents of the bag.  Throughout this montage, we don’t see much of the band, rather hearing them as the chorus “Go on, go on, go on, if you were thinking that the worst is yet to come / Why am I the one always packing all my stuff?” resonates across the images onscreen.

Our journey with the suitcase continues as it embarks on a glorious motorcycle road trip throughout wind-whipped seaside towns and arid valleys flanked by rolling hills. The suitcase appears to have a face assembled atop it, which would support the notion that it symbolizes the pains and frustrations that the subject of the song experiences; everything expressed in the lyrics of “Why Am I the One” are shared by the harrowing journey of this battered suitcase.

Ultimately, the tossing around comes to an end when the suitcase, upon being ejected from its spot on the motorcycle, comes to a halt in front of a house – and practically at the feet of Nate, Andrew, and Jack, who discover it and finally open the case to reveal its contents.  Upon retrieving a keyboard and guitar from its depths (through which the audience experiences a montage of clips from the places the suitcase has been and the hardships it’s experienced), the case is slammed shut and the video comes to a satisfying end.

The 5-and-a-half-minute video is everything fans of the band can expect in a music video and more – along with personifying a seemingly inanimate object and expressing the catchy song with the brilliant musical touch that Fun. always achieves, the video quite simply tells a story. And nothing’s more fun than that.

Check out the music video for “Why Am I the One” below.


-Shelley DeHekker



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