French Montana Releases “Freaks” Featuring Nicki Minaj

March 13, 2013

MONTANA!! After being teased for what seems like eons, the long-awaited music video for French Montana’s “Freaks” has finally been released!

As soon as the buzzer sounds at the beginning of the music video, the urge to get out of your seat and start twerking radiates through whoever decides to watch the 3 minute and 3 second video of French Montana’s newest single “Freaks”.

The video starts with Montana buzzing a callbox, asking entry into what seems like the club to end all clubs. Nicki Minaj’s laugh cackles in the background, and it is all systems go. Montana is shown in an elevator while an intense dance contest is tearing up the club floor. The dance crews in the contest supply an endless supply of popping, locking, and booty dropping (the twerking in this video is UNBELIEVABLE). “Lights up fire” is the first line and with that is a fire breather being shown. Fitting, right?

For the people who asked for “the old Nicki”, she’s back. Nicki Minaj sheds her pop chart rap in this video, and goes back to her roots. Donning a gold jacket, leopard print tights, and star-shaped pasties, “the girl we met by the name of Onika” spits out verse after verse that all of the Freaks would appreciate.

But don’t just take my word for it. French Montana’s debut album isn’t scheduled to be released until May 21, but for now, watch French Montana and Nicki Minaj’s newest video below!

-Blake M.


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