February 2, 2013
If you are a teenage girl with a computer and have a thing for watching hot guys embarrass themselves on a weekly basis, then you probably have heard of Jc Caylen and Ricardo Ordieres. Caylen and Ordieres, who are both university-attending Texans, have made a name for themselves by being very popular on the video-sharing giant Youtube.com. TheseDudez is a channel on Youtube that features Caylen and Ordieres in very creative (but mostly embarrassing) videos uploaded weekly that range from hurling eggs at each other to attempting the world renowned Cinnamon Challenge. Their good looks and outrageous antics have thousands of girls swooning over them in what can only be described as small-scaled Bieber Fever. What I find impressive about this tag team is that they’ve only had their shared channel for close to three months and have already surpassed 47,000 subscribers! What’s even more impressive is that this dynamic duo has only known each other one year! They met at university in January 2012 haven’t had a chance to look back. The two have reached success with each other at an unimaginable rate, but what some people fail to realize, however, is that outside of Youtube, TheseDudez are two very different people.
Jc Caylen is just a regular 20-year-old university student from Texas who has an act for working behind a camera. Caylen, who just celebrated his three-year anniversary with the site, has uploaded various types of Youtube videos over the years such as: Vlogs, Themed Challenges, and Hate Prevention Videos. But Jc is mostly recognized for his very creative music videos. He’s uploaded many music video covers of songs such as: The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars, Little Things by One Direction, and Gangnam Style by Psy, but the most popular music video by Caylen by far is definitely his take on the song of the summer of 2012, Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen. Jc came up with the idea to shoot a music video to the very catchy song with a group of his friends shortly after Justin Bieber released his humorous music video in February of last year. Jc filmed and uploaded his music video to Youtube but what he didn’t expect was his music video to catch the attention of THE biggest pop star of this generation, Justin Bieber. And with one click of the “retweet” button on Twitter from Bieber, Caylen Fever erupted amongst teen girls worldwide! Recently, I had the opportunity to ask Jc if he thought Justin contributed to some of his success to which he replied:
Most definitely. I think he helped out a lot. I probably got 10,000 [Twitter] followers from that retweet, but I would definitely say that my success has came from A LOT of hard work, it’s not all because of Justin. But in that moment of time, he did give me a huge boost and I thank him for that.”
I also asked Jc if he thought he would still be on Youtube in the next few years or if he would be going after a career in other things to which he replied:
“Probably both because I will definitely still be on Youtube. I don’t see myself going out of my way and viewing Youtube as something that I HAVE to do. I can see myself doing Youtube for as long as I can go. It’s definitely a job but at the same time it’s fun and I have fun doing what I do.”
The other half of TheseDudez, Ricardo Ordieres, didn’t actually plan on being a Youtuber at all! Ricardo has made himself well known in his hometown of San Antonio thanks to his radio show (He’s had a job of hosting the local station KROV in San Antonio on Saturday nights for a few years now). Ordieres has big plans of being a jack of all trades in Hollywood, wanting to be a radio host, television personality, AND television producer (much like his personal idol Ryan Seacrest). Much like Seacrest, Ricardo has had his fair share of celebrity interviews under his belt, one of which featured Austin Mahone. When asked if Ricardo ever looks back on that interview with Austin as his first celebrity interview and he replied:
“Yeah. It’s crazy to see how far he’s come since last January, and he came in January 14th of last year, and like all the Mahomies basically that are around today and that knew him back then were there. I guess that was like a memorable day for all the Mahomies and for Austin because that was his first radio interview ever! … So I took about three months tracking him down-the epitome of Facebook stalking-to get Austin into the studio. And I eventually got to some of his people, and I brought him into the station. He had had interviews before in Florida and such, but those were taped and weren’t live. And so last January was his first LIVE radio interview where fans around the world got to tune in, got to call in live to talk to him on the phone. He wasn’t as huge as he is now, but I do like to look back and say ‘Wow, I can’t believe I was his first radio interview.”
Ricardo likes to look at his idol, Ryan Seacrest, as THE radio/television host in Hollywood. I asked him why he looks up to Seacrest so much to which he replied:
“Wow. People tend to nag me about loving Ryan as much as I do, but the thing is Ryan is doing everything that I want to do in life. Whether that is hosting American Idol, having a number one radio show, producing reality television, I have absolutely no problem with telling people ‘Yeah, that’s who I look up to.’ I want to be that person that people call to host television shows. I want to have big name celebrities on my radio show. I want to produce number one television shows. And for me, why would I not look up to him [Seacrest]. I aspire to be like Ryan simply because he is the most known television personality that is not actually acting or singing and I have no problem admitting that.”
Ordieres actually has plans to move to California in the future to intern at Seacrest Production, which of course is the headquarters of his idol.
My interview with These Dudez showed me just how much more there is to Ricardo and Jc than just a camera and a microphone. They are just two regular guys with huge goals for the future. Upcoming events for the pair include:
·        Teen Hoot in Nashville, TN – February 9, 2013
·        Playlist LIVE in Orlando, FL – March 21-24, 2013
·        Vidcon in Anaheim, CA – August 1-4, 2013
If you are interested in booking TheseDudez for a future event, you can email their manager here. To follow Jc and Ricardo on twitter, their twitter handles are @jccaylen and @RicardoOrdieres.
-Blake M.


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