Tyler, The…Fighter?

February 23, 2013

Stepping into the ring wearing metallic turquoise and gold tights, weighing in at 150lbs (give or take a few)…Fookie Bookie! And to my right, fellow OFWGKTA member Domo Genesis is trash talking as if it’s to save his life. “Domo 23” is the first single off Tyler, The Creator’s album Wolf, due to release, April 2nd, 2013. In the video, Fookie Bookie receives a harsh beating from Genesis, even sustaining a chair shot to the head. Once he is knocked down, he is handed a new challenge, facing a sumo wrestler. That really did not bore well for the blonde-haired wrestler…poor guy got thrown through a table. Miraculously, Fookie Bookie made a major comeback, defeating both Domo Genesis and the sumo wrestler as if he didn’t just get the beating of his lifetime. Earl Sweatshirt, another member of Odd Future, was refereeing, so maybe he had a little something to do with it. OFWGKTA member Taco was also in the audience. Celebration was at a high following the victory from Fookie Bookie; the crowd was certainly thrilled to see the wrestler triumph (Earl Sweatshirt especially, as he is seen hitting a somewhat dougie.) Tyler, The Creator is set to begin his spring tour on March 12th in Columbus, Ohio. Who knows what this tour will bring. With Tyler, I am pretty sure anything is on the table. Let’s just hope that cockroaches are not on the menu this time. Tickets and the remaining dates can be found here. Check out the video for “Domo 23” and let us know what you think!

-Aisha R. @aisharemy

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