Miami Ends The Believe Tour’s First Leg!

February 2, 2013

Thousands of adoring fans, an intriguing display of a light show, a young worldwide phenomenon owning the stage…this is what you’d experience walking into the American Airlines Arena on January 27th, 2013.

Justin Bieber wrapped up the first leg of his Believe Tour in Miami, Florida. With extreme pleasure, I was able to be in attendance. In fact, Bieber had performed two nights back-to-back at the American Airlines Arena.

The minute you step foot into the arena, the atmosphere changes. From then on, it’s nothing but excitement and full-blown out energy.

On this night, there was a bit of a delay of Bieber’s performance, pushing the concert back by about two hours. Nevertheless, the crowd remained hype and active, seemingly ready to wait all night for their idol if that’s what it took.

Once the ten-minute timer is counted down and the video engaging us on the journey to come is played, Bieber is slowly lowered down from a set of wings composed of a variety of musical instruments. The creativity behind this creation is beyond anything. Bieber then proceeds to open up with his well-known hit “All Around The World”.

Believe Tour Entrance

Throughout the night, there is a deliverance of a collection of music, ranging from Bieber’s latest hits like “As Long As You Love Me” and “Beauty And A Beat”, to some throwbacks, such as “Baby” and “One Time”. Each song had its own unique performance, some even including extra video footage, such as before “She Don’t Like The Lights” where Bieber is running and fighting off a group of paparazzi chasing him.

Earlier that day, Bieber had tweeted about bringing a few friends, and to much surprise, Mike Posner was brought out to sing his hit “Cooler Than Me”, Big Sean joined Justin for “As Long As You Love Me”, and Ludacris rapped out his verse in “Baby”.

On top of all this, a new 3D movie is being filmed, entitled “Believe 3D”. As delighted and energetic the crowd always is, they had to make sure to bring it times ten, seeing as they will be appearing on the big screen – in 3D nonetheless.

Starting February 17th, 2013, the Believe Tour will resume in Dublin, Ireland. It will visit all throughout Europe, Russia, South Africa, and then make its way back to North America. From the viewpoint of someone who enjoys great entertainment, I am highly suggesting that you check out the Believe Tour. I would also recommend not watching any videos until then; it makes the element of surprise that much better.

-Aisha R.


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