It’s Justin…Bieber!

February 11, 2013

He’ll take you to a new world, take your problems away…you just have to come right this way.

On the night of the Grammys , Justin Bieber has released a new song via Twitter….although it’s not quite finished. Yes, he just released an acoustic album last month and yes, it hasn’t even been a year since his last studio album, Believe, but the grind never stops for the young phenomenon.

On February 9th, Bieber promised a live stream for his fans, tweeting, “I’m gonna do an hour live video stream tomorrow at 8 est I’m gonna play some new music and answer questions send this to ur friend :).” Later that night, Bieber hosted and performed on Saturday Night Live, delivering an incredible performance all throughout.

Unfortunately, when the clock rolled around 8PM on Sunday night, all the media streams Bieber attempted to use were crashed by the millions of fans, causing an extreme delay, and he had to resort to uploading a video.

Bieber is currently on vacation his family, but took the time to premiere “You Want Me”. The lyrics include,“You want me, girl you know you want me/ Let you know that you’re lovely, flowers for nothing just for you/ You know I got you until the whole world ends.” It’s definitely not a heartfelt, tear-jerker like his recent “Nothing Like Us”, but instead is a more catchy, upbeat tune. Seems as if Bieber is trying to convince a girl to become his girlfriend, singing about how he’d “never need a new girl.” The chorus (and title) do suggest that Bieber gets a little overconfident and knows the girl wants him anyways, but do you blame him?

A good majority of the song is filled with just beats in the background, clearly needing verses added to them. What do you think should be done: Should Bieber fill them in himself or make “You Want Me” a collaboration with another artist?

Listen to “You Want Me” below and let us know what you think!

-Aisha R.



Feature image credit: Asia G. /@asiagousse

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