Billboard Top 10: A Look At This Week’s Hottest Hits

February 21, 2013

The statistics are in and pop culture has spoken, thus dictating the top 10 tracks to make the latest Billboard charts! It’s a delectable mix of upbeat sugary pop tunes and soulful ballads with a hint of jazz – the perfect combination to please the aficionado of anything mainstream. Here’s a look at what music fans across the country are digging this week:

10. Beauty and a Beat – Justin Bieber feat. Nicki Minaj
The 18-year-old pop phenomenon’s latest hit is an upbeat track overflowing with contagious lyrics and beats fit for the club – not to mention, an awesome (and iconic) verse from Nicki Minaj. From Justin’s album Believe, “Beauty and a Beat” is a wonderful representation of his musical maturity (and hey, it’s a kickass dance song). The track has spent 18 weeks on the Billboard charts.

9. When I Was Your Man – Bruno Mars
Deviating from the usual upbeat sound we’re used to with Bruno Mars, “When I Was Your Man” is a sweet and soulful tune describing the heart-wrenching regrets someone experiences in terms of a past relationship, and the way they should have treated their former lover. It’s relatable, astonishingly raw, and undoubtedly a contender for the top 10. This is its 8th week on the charts.

8. Suit & Tie – Justin Timberlake feat. Jay Z
JT is back and better than ever, as evidenced in “Suit & Tie”. The pop hit with a hint of jazz is a sensual experience for the ears – which, after all, is something only Justin Timberlake could achieve with his first song in years. The guest verse by Jay Z is the perfect compliment to a track which would be appealing to blast in the car, the shower, AND the gym (not to mention, get everyone psyched for JT’s new album). “Suit & Tie” has spent 5 weeks on the charts.

7. Daylight – Maroon 5
Maroon 5 have become something of a musical powerhouse lately, particularly with their newest album Overexposed. Though the rocky tones of the band have always garnered them notable success, their recent delve into a pop-rock crossover vibe has awarded them much-deserved superstardom – and this is partially due to their diversity of sound, which is evident in “Daylight”. The slower tones of the song allow Adam Levine’s vocal talents to ring through as the instrumentals add a blissful pop touch. This is “Daylight”’s 10th week on the Billboard charts.

6. Don’t You Worry Child – Swedish House Mafia feat. John Martin
It’s the perfect mixture of insane beats, catchy lyrics, and an empowering overall tone, AKA a fool-proof feel-good formula. “Don’t You Worry Child” is a musical lovechild of techno and pop, the fabulous result received when you mix infectious rhythms with simple songwriting skills. Perhaps it was made with the clubs in mind because the song fits perfectly in such situations, which makes it no surprise that it has spent 21 weeks on the charts.

5. I Knew You Were Trouble. – Taylor Swift
It’s T-Swift gone dub-step. The latest single from her album Red, “I Knew You Were Trouble.” is her latest jab at a past relationship in which she “fell hard” and her significant other “took a step back without” her. Mixing intense beats we’ve never heard in her songs before with the classic Taylor touch on the lyrics, the song is awesome for blasting full volume, windows down. This is its 17th week on the Billboard charts.

4. Ho Hey – The Lumineers
Colorado-based indie band The Lumineers make a splash on the pop scene with “Ho Hey”, a delightful soft-rock track infused with raw instrumentals and sweet melodies. Singing “I belong with you, you belong with me, you’re my sweetheart”, it’s a surefire crowd favorite which is evidenced by its 36-week run on the charts.

3. Scream & Shout – & Britney Spears
It’s a pop duo like never before. Mixing’s iconic beats with Britney’s sultry vocals, “Scream & Shout” is an awesome pop track destined for club soundtracks and DJ spin tables. Britney even adopts a posh British accent for some of the lyrics, giving it her own personal touch. The song has spent 11 weeks on the charts.

2. Locked Out of Heaven – Bruno Mars
It may be the second track on the top 10 belonging to Bruno Mars, but “Locked Out of Heaven” could not be more different than his other hit. The upbeat track features a glorious collaboration of infectious rifts, sultry lyrics, and an unbeatable chorus, making it perhaps Bruno Mars’ best hit yet. The song, which can be found on his album Unorthodox Jukebox, has spent 19 weeks on the charts.

And coming in at #1…

1. Thrift Shop – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat. Wanz
With the amount of airplay this song has garnered within the past few months and the sheer skyrocket ride to fame that Macklemore has experienced, it’s no surprise that “Thrift Shop” takes the crown on this week’s charts. The Seattle-bred rapper’s hit is a melodious blend of kickass beats and hilarious lyrics – in other words, a delectable treat to please the ears. This is its 19th week on the Billboard charts.

-Shelley DeHekker

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