February 5, 2013
If you were one of the 100 million people who tuned into Beyoncé’s Super Bowl XLVII halftime show, you would agree that she did NOT disappoint. Beyoncé brought her A-game to the New Orleans stage in what is being called “the best halftime show in years”. During the fourteen-minute extravaganza, Queen B. includes multiple hits from her solo career and was later joined by her Destiny’s Child band mates Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams.
The show starts with a camera view of fans running out on the field towards an illuminated stage, lit only by a mirrored shot of Beyoncé’s side profile. Fire torches ignite, smoke covers the floor, and up raises Beyoncé on and  platform to an ecstatic crowd! Decked out in a black leather leotard, Beyoncé holds her pose as white strobe lights flicker throughout the stadium before she finally breaks off into the chorus of his smash hit “Love On Top”. Purple and red backlights come up and fire torches ignite as she belts out the chorus in a perfectly rehearsed style that only she can bring to the Halftime stage. A white spotlight shines brightly and with an enigmatic “Superdome… 1-2-3-4!” the REAL show gets under way!
The opening hook of “Crazy In Love” begins and Queen B. struts down her runway bringing all the nostalgia with her that she can carry! She dives into the opening verse and lies on the floor, surrounded by a red double spiral and six of her clones in a well-timed dance number. She rises up, two human backup dancers behind her, and goes into the chorus with a “How ya’ll feeling?” as she sheds her black overcoat. Joined by six more backup dancers, the infamous dance break of “Uh-oh”s sounds and an endless supply of twerking and booty-popping brings the live crowd to an even louder, ear-shattering fit of screams. She utters a “Ladies and gentlemen” and her lead guitarist’s instrument lights up with a set of sparklers! Surrounded by a spiral of eight of her clones, Beyoncé and her guitarist tear off into separate solos. Approximately twenty backup dancers join her for the final dance break of the opening number and with a kiss blown to the camera, the opening number of her show comes to a close.
When a white backlight comes up and Beyoncé starts a new dance break, the opening instrumental to “End Of Time” blares through the Superdome in New Orleans. Joined with an even larger number of backup dancers, Beyoncé fires through the flawless dance break, illuminated by a set of blue backlights. With her dancers still tearing through their routine in the background, B. dives into the first chorus of “End Of Time”. She rejoins her group of dancers in a final dance break, and her second song concludes.
The opening of “Baby Boy” begins and Beyoncé is spotlighted in front of the rather large white screen. She starts her dance routine and a line of clones mirrors her every tick and tock. She opens with a series of “Wide Away”s and is joined by a set of back up dancers. And with another “Wide Away”, they are joined by a set of clones, eventually adding up to ten being shown on the screen behind them. The screen differentiates between white and black being shown, illuminating only parts of Queen B. and her dancers as the first chorus begins. The screen goes black and light returns as Beyoncé and her two dancers start another routine, screen lowering behind them. Surrounded by a spiral of dozens of clones, the song ends.
With the sound of a siren, “Bootylicious” is under way. The camera pans over to side-stage, and when a spark fires up, Kelly Rowland, wearing a black leotard, is toasted out of the floor! A pan to the other side of the stage followed by another spark and Michelle Williams is toasted up, wearing a matching leotard as well! A set of smoke columns shows Beyoncé’s position on stage and Kelly and Michelle join her, reuniting Destiny’s Child for the first time in years! Nostalgia has been on a level of its own at this point as “Bootylicious” comes to a close.
With an emphatic “Question?” the trio begins the Charlie’s Angel theme song “Independent Women”. Accompanied by a dance routine, Beyoncé leads into her chorus, which later falls into the bridge, sang by Kelly.  The trio belts the chorus with Michelle echoing in the background. A ring of fire surround the front brim of the stage and “Independent Women” concludes.
An instrumental break begins, followed by Beyoncé saying, “Wait! Kelly, Michelle will ya’ll help me sing this one?” Kelly responds with “Sho’ ‘nuff baby” and the start of “Single Ladies” begins! With Kelly and Michelle serving as both background dancers AND singers, the trio dives off in the opening verse, switching off between lines so all three get solos. Joined by an unimaginable number of backup dancers, the chorus begins and Destiny’s Child is completely in the zone. Beyoncé utters “I want ya’ll to give it up for the lovely Kelly and Michelle” and the D.C. band mates leave the stage, leaving B. to finish her show. The final dance break of “Single Ladies” is over before it even starts and Beyoncé is left alone on stage.
The stage goes black when Beyoncé asks the fans in attendance to reach their hands toward her. “Let me feel your energy.” Blue lights come up and B. goes into the first verse of “Halo”. She kneels as the stands of lit up in blue as well, serving as a breath-taking backdrop for Beyoncé’s closing number. She starts a wave with the fans and the chorus starts. She breaks the lyrics with a series of “I can feel you”s , letting the fans’ energy flow through her. Fog litters the ground and fireworks light up the virtually dark stadium as B. falls to her knees, shaking hands with various fans. And with a “Thank you for this moment, God bless ya’ll”, Beyoncé’s Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show performance comes to a finish.

Beyoncé gave a hell of a performance to the 100 million that had the opportunity to tune in. And with various “You still got it!” tweets on Twitter, the fact remains: She never lost it.

-Blake M.


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