Thrift Shoppers Mackelmore & Ryan Lewis Top Charts With First Single

January 26, 2013

It’s almost impossible to listen to the radio without hearing Thrift Shop by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have the song on repeat while writing this article… it’s just so catchy! Macklemore and Ryan Lewis met back in 2005, when Ryan became Macklemore’s photographer, friend and then producer. Now, Ryan Lewis is working full-time with Macklemore as a title-credited duo. Macklemore has created a large online fan-base, to the point where he released a mixtape, three EPs and two albums without the support of a major label.

On October 9, 2012, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis released their debut studio album, The Heist, which sold 78,000 copies the first week, topped at number 1 on the US iTunes Downloads Chart and number 2 on the Billboard 200 Chart. While the stats for The Heist are impressive, Macklemore’s true success comes from the album’s single, Thrift Shop. On January 4th, Thrift Shop went Platinum, which is a huge accomplishment for the duo! Thrift Shop makes the Seattle duo the first act to reach the top of the chart with its debut single since Drake did so in 2009 with Best I Ever Had. Thrift Shop reaching the top of the charts also makes the greatest increase in airplay audience (33% increase), the greatest increase in digital sales (up 18%), and the greatest increase in streams (increased by 15%).

Other than taking over the charts and radio stations all over the country, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis took over The Ellen DeGeneres show last week. With the past that Ellen has, it’s very clear that she knows good music when she hears it! While announcing Macklemore’s appearance, she called the duo the “music story of the year!” The outfits worn on Ellen look like they came right from a thrift shop, which is completely necessary! At the end of the performance, Macklemore takes off his white poncho to reveal a jean jacket with the talk-show host’s face on the entire back. Macklemore gave the jacket to Ellen as an early birthday present. Check out the performance below!

What are we expecting from Macklemore and Ryan Lewis next? There currently aren’t any concrete plans to follow-up with another single, the plan right now is to let the success of Thrift Shop ride out. The duo is planning on touring through 2013 to expand their presence. They’re planning a US tour and a few gigs in Australia and New Zealand, and a college trek from March until May. The two have already sold out a 9450-capactiy show at Denver’s Red Rocks Amphitheatre on February 1st.  The duo also has music videos and collaborations planned so keep an eye out for those! Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are planning on having either an EP released by the end of 2013 or a full-length LP by early 2014. Macklemore and Lewis are very grateful for the fans they have and they’re learning what you have to do in order to keep their fans. Macklemore was quoted saying, “It all comes down to the leverage. It’s figuring out how to maintain your connection to your core fan base that has ridden with you from the jump and remembering them as you continue to grow.” This is a quality that you need to succeed and I have a feeling Macklemore and Ryan are going to have no problem doing so. Speaking of the future, congratulations are necessary for Macklemore who tweeted: After 7 years… I asked. And she said yes. The love of my life” accompanied by a photo of a beautiful engagement ring which was given to his now-fiancé Tricia Davis at Los Padres mountains. From everyone at WeKnowTheDJ, congratulations and good luck on everything that the future holds! Be sure to follow the duo on twitter (@macklemore), “like” them at and check out their website

-Meg C (@megchamp07)

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