Taylor Swift Releases Break-up Song….Or Does She?

January 25, 2013
As we all know, Taylor Swift has a bad habit of dating celebrities…Okay. Well, she has two bad habits: Dating celebrities and Writing break-up songs.  Taylor has written songs about former boyfriends (I Knew You Were Trouble about John Mayer, Last Kiss and Better For Revengeabout Joe Jonas, and Back To December about Taylor Lautner to name a few).  Unfortunately, Taylor was once again on the receiving end of a break-up, this time with One Direction member Harry Styles! Swift and Styles, shown above, allegedly started dating at the beginning of November 2012, but sadly broke up at the start of 2013.
The question that quickly came to everyone’s mind was “When will the break-up song be released?”When the Grammy award winner tweeted “Back in the studio.. Uh oh” on January 10, 2013, social media erupted! Swifties and Directioners (maybe even some Beliebers?) questioned when exactly said song would be released for the world to hear. That very same day, a song surfaced on the Internet and quickly made its way to Tumblr, Twitter, and Youtube. The song, I’m Alright, described the newest ex-boyfriend with lyrics such as ‘those green eyes” and“No one’s ever gonna sing me Stevie Wonder songs again” (Harry has green eyes and sang Isn’t She Lovely for his X Factor UK audition back in 2010). Most people were questioning how exactly could Taylor release a breakup song so quickly. Could she have been writing it during their relationship?
Turns out, Taylor didn’t actually release I’m Alright! A fairly unknown singer named Jersey Green, pictured with the red hair, had written the song in speculation of the couple’s inevitable breakup. Green, who has the vocal identity of Taylor Swift, released the song as soon as rumors of the breakup started spreading. Of course, a few sneaky bloggers discredited Jersey for the song, instead posting the song online with the title “Unreleased Taylor Swift Harry Styles Breakup Song”.
Jersey, who’s a member of the very popular music downloading site Soundcloud.com, uses the website to post various covers of Taylor’s number one hits such as We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. When “Taylor’s” new song started spreading on social media, Jersey took to Soundcloud and posted an audio clip titled “To clear things out…” explaining that it was indeed HER that wrote I’m Alright and released it (even sang a verse to defend her claim).

Jersey, whose twitter handle is ironically @JerseyGreen13, had received NUMEROUS tweets, both kind and hateful, about her song. However, she expresses that in no way did she intend to demean Taylor or Harry. But if I was Taylor Swift, I would get in touch with Jersey, because Jersey didn’t even date Harry and she came up with an amazing song! Who know’s what BOTH creative minds would come up with!


-Blake M.

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