Scooter Braun: Mastermind Behind World's Most Popular Artists

January 29, 2013

You hear his name constantly, you probably follow him on twitter, and have seen him countless times in the Never Say Never movie and at award shows, but who exactly is this Scooter Braun dude? In one word, he’s a genius, and a very young one at that. His musical discoveries and marketing strategies have made a big impact on the world of entertainment.

Braun started organizing tour after parties for rappers Ludacris and Eminem when he was only 19. After he got a solid position as a marketing director for a record company only a year later, Braun’s career took off. He now is involved with two record labels, one as a collective project with Usher that represents Justin Bieber, and another that represents Carly Rae Jepsen, Psy and Asher Roth. He also serves as a manager to the English boy band The Wanted and teen artist Cody Simpson. But why stop at music? He also has his own publishing and film companies.  Let’s keep in mind this guy is 31 and has discovered more successful projects than most managers hope to find in a lifetime.

Having so many hugely popular online casino artists under his wing is not just a coincidence. Braun has a knack for finding music that he somehow knows will become widely popular, we can thank his Scooty Senses for introducing the world to songs like “Call Me Maybe” and “Gangnam Style.” Braun’s artists not only owned the radio waves in 2012, but also won awards from The MTV Music Video Awards, The American Music Awards and The Billboard Music Awards, just to name a few. Two are nominated next month at The GRAMMYS.

Look up any Youtube interview with Scooter and you can see that he also has a talent for speaking and capturing the attention of any audience with his not only his plans and successes, but his morals and how he lives his life. Braun has a passion for giving back. His projects give back to the Make A Wish Foundation and his brother’s charity, Pencils of Promise. He says on his website, “We want to bring people hope and help them believe not only in themselves, but in the good that they can create in their lives.” It only makes sense that Braun encourages Justin and his other artists pay it forward when they can, he”s just a good guy. To find out more about his philanthropy, check out and watch some videos from his artists below, which just happen to be some of the most watched on Youtube. (I included some throwbacks.)

Who will Scooter introduce the world to next?  Guess we will just have to wait and see!



-Brooke P.


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