Prepare Yourself To Get BUCKWILD!

January 29, 2013

When it comes to the producers at MTV, they sure do know how to entertain their audience. From Jersey Shore, to Teen Mom, MTV’s track record when it comes to reality TV shows is impressive to say the least. With more and more television shows being introduced each year, none are like the show Buckwild.

Buckwild is a hilarious reality show about a group of teenagers who live in West Virginia. The show follows the lives of 9 young adults named, Shain, Shae, Anna, Joey, Ashley, Cara, Tyler, Katie and Salwa.  When I say these kids are crazy, I mean it. I sure do wish I was living their life… with the abundance of hilarious, yet ruthless activities they partake in, who wouldn’t want to? For instance, they like to go “mudding” which basically just involves driving their trucks through the woods and endless amounts of mud. Not going to lie, it looks like so much fun! They also like to go “ATV’ing” through trails with friends and party extremely hard.

In one episode, on a really hot that day, the boys decided to rent a humongous truck and make a swimming pool out of it. Not only was this a brilliant idea, they had a ton of fun doing it! Clearly everything is better in the south 😉

The season started January 3rd, 2013 so if you haven’t seen an episode yet, be sure to check it out! You can watch all the past episodes on and prepare yourself to get BUCKWILD!

-Alana K.


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