Nothing is Off-Limits When Justin Bieber Hits SNL

January 11, 2013

Last time he took the stage at Saturday Night Live, he was dubbed “a dreamy Christmas elf” by Tina Fey; this time he’s bigger and better than ever before! Yes Beliebers, now would be an acceptable time to fangirl like crazy because Justin Bieber will be taking over the Saturday Night Live set February 9th at 11:30 PM EST to perform AND host! I hope NBC is ready for their ratings to be through the roof!

Justin will be hitting the set in New York City a week and a half after the highly anticipated release of Believe Acoustic, so make sure you pay attention to see what he’ll be performing! Justin has appeared on SNL in the past; he’s performed, had a few cameos in skits and made a cameo in the 100th SNL short. But, this is the first time the worldwide superstar will be hosting and performing! Are we going to get to hear a new song? Hey Justin, I’m sure the millions of Beliebers tuning in wouldn’t mind hearing Yellow Raincoat, I Would or Nothing Like Us. If the anticipation of new acoustic tracks isn’t enough for you, Justin most likely has another surprise or two that will satisfy whatever needs you may have. Justin has made it very clear that NOTHING is off-limits! Sources close to Justin say that he even personally told the SNL cast to push the limit!! After making endless tabloid appearances in the past few weeks, it’s safe to assume that all of us are super curious to see what will happen! Let us know how excited you are to see Justin bring out his funny side because I guarantee every WeKnowTheDj girl will be in front of her TV at 11:30pm on February 9th and we’re all anxious to share our opinions!

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-Meg C.


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