Justin Bieber Releases Acoustic Version Of “Take You”

January 18, 2013
When it comes to Mr. Justin Bieber, he knows how to please his fans. For those of you that aren’t aware, Bieber is releasing an acoustic album focused on his newest album, Believe. The album will include 11 songs, 8 of which originated from Believe. Tracks 9, 10 and 11 are brand new songs that he recently wrote and produced.
Since January 15th was the 6 year anniversary of the first video Justin put up on YouTube, he released an acoustic version of one of the songs off his album, entitled “Take You”. It was released today around 1pm on his YouTube channel “kidrauhl”. Justin tweeted, “since it has been 6 years since i started http://www.youtube.com/kidrauhl  maybe i should upload a new acoustic song on the channel to thank u all.” Bieber loves to tease his fans, so after an hour of waiting, Justin finally tweeted again saying, “TAKE YOU – Acoustic – 6 Years – #alwayskidrauhl – THANK YOU – http://youtu.be/Zei4iEEuw48”.
As I opened the link, I was expecting the studio version of the recorded song, but of course Justin always has to do it big. Instead, he recorded him singing it acoustically with his guitarist Dan Kanter (@DanKanter). As Bieber began to introduce the song, he tells us that it is one of his favorites off the album; a moment later, Dan started strumming the guitar and Justin began singing the song perfectly. At the end of the song, Justin says “I’ll take you home, where ever you wanna go” followed by his infamous giggle.
This not only gets Beliebers absolutely frantic, but has them even more hyped for Believe Acoustic to drop. The album comes out on January 29th, 2013… Yes, only 10 days from now! Here is a countdown to keep you on track: http://7is7.com/otto/countdown.html 🙂
If you haven’t seen or heard the acoustic version of “Take You”, check it out here:

-Alana K.

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