Justin Bieber’s Acoustic Album Will Make You ‘Believe’

January 29, 2013

With an accumulation of seven albums, two full length worldwide tours, two books, a net worth of 110 million dollars, two fragrances, 86 awards won including 192 nominations and a movie with another well on its way, Justin Bieber is just getting started.

If you haven’t already heard, Justin’s latest full length album titled Believe hit #1 in 30 countries and sold 374,000 copies within the first week alone!

Due to the significant amount of unique song’s on Believe, and the album’s tremendous success, an acoustic version of some of the most popular songs on the album are being featured on an acoustic album Bieber titled, Believe Acoustic. Being that Justin already has an acoustic album under his belt, this one obviously wasn’t difficult to produce.

Justin and his talented group of music professionals took the best songs off the album and transformed them into slow and calming acoustic melodies. The album was initially only supposed to have eight songs but Bieber can never be a “Plain Jane”, so, he decided to add three new original songs making the track count at a staggering, 11! The songs chosen for the album are in order of appearance on the CD; Boyfriend, As Long As You Love Me, Beauty and a Beat, She Don’t Like The Light, Take You, Be Alright, Fall (which is a live rendition) as well as the 3 brand new songs, Yellow Raincoat, I Would and Nothing Like Us.

Here is an intricate look inside the acoustic versions of the songs that make millions of girls hearts melt each and every day…

1. Boyfriend: Boyfriend, Justin’s first single off of Believe made its way to iTunes on March 23rd, 2012. This half rap and half singing track made fans go insane with its smooth tone and catchy lyrics. Justin literally transformed this track into something never heard before by turning the rap into a gentle tone that only a genius could master! Side Note: this is the version of Boyfriend Justin sang in the Macy’s commercial for his perfume entitled, Girlfriend.

2. As Long As You Love Me: The beginning of this track starts out with the guitar strumming ever so gently as Justin’s delicate voice takes over. As the track continues, it gets slightly up beat as the guitar continues to strum in the background. Justin’s sweet “la la la’s” during the chorus turn into temperate “la’s” with every word that comes after. When Big Sean’s rap comes into play, Justin begins rapping, but very mildly; near the end he gets very much into it and belts out the last bit. Justin ended the song flawlessly as his voice gets quieter and quieter.

3. Beauty and a Beat: This party smashing hit has been played in clubs like it’s no tomorrow! Ever since the track hit the radio airwaves, it has been a huge success for Bieber. With Nicki Minaj featured on the track, this gives it that extra spunk! The acoustic version of this duet really tests Justin’s vocal abilities and raises the bar on the original song. Although Justin doesn’t sing Nicki’s part, it’s hard to notice because he makes it his own and kills it. Do you think the acoustic version is better than the original? Let us know in the comment box below!

4. She Don’t Like The Lights: In the beginning of this track, it is very calming until Justin’s voice picks up and start’s throwing out tricky high notes. It sounds very much like the original when the chorus comes around but once Justin changes up the harmonies near the end, it will literally send chills down your spine. In my opinion, this is one of the best tracks on the album, but you should make that call!

5. Take You: On January 18th, 2013 Justin released a video of himself singing Take You, along with Dan Kanter. This got Beliebers pumped up and even more excited for the album. Not only was it to excite the fans, but it was also a little something for all of his fans in honour of his 6th year anniversary of adding his first video on YouTube dated just 3 days before. The acoustic version of this thrilling song is fun but edgy at the same time. Justin does a great job switching up his vocals and adjusting his voice to each song so all the lyrics come out unique and original. Overall this song sure does take me where I wanna go… to a Justin Bieber concert!!!

6. Be Alright: Although this song is already undoubtedly slow, of course Mr. Bieber can always change things up to make them different. Sure, there are similarities, but the guitar is worked into the song so well, you would think it’s a whole new song! The background music makes it seem like you should be dancing to this at a wedding… which is exactly what I’ll be doing on my wedding day. Hehe. What do you think about this version of Be Alright?

7. All Around The World: When Justin first performed this track with Dan, his guitarist, it was in London, England for BBC Radio 1. Only a selected number of fans got the pleasure of sitting in on this performance as Justin belted out the lyrics to the song. This specific track was clearly meant to be sang acoustically due to its various tempo’s and Justin’s array of fluctuating vocal abilities. Without a doubt, this album wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t included!

8. Fall: If you didn’t already know, this song is track #8 on the album and is near and dear to Justin’s heart. This track is already extremely emotional, so, to hear it in a different light makes it even more meaningful to the fans. Being that this version of the track is live, it makes you feel like he is singing right to you which gives an amazing effect. Oh, and if a tear fell from your eye when listening to this one, I don’t blame you!

9. Yellow Raincoat: With an intriguing title and whimsical lyrics, this track is by far the most unique and much different than what we are used to from the Biebs. The song implies that his raincoat is protecting him from getting wet from the rain which means that the raincoat is his protection from getting hurt. This is definitely a love song that tests Justin’s gentle voice. Although it is exceptionally different, it shows how well Justin can write and what he is going through in his life.

10. I Would: This song was definitely written to brighten up your day! It shows how much Justin cares for everyone is his life, including his fans. Due to the track’s upbeat tempo, it will get you up off your feet and testing out those dancing moves. Although this isn’t acoustic, it is new music… and what Belieber wouldn’t want new music? No complaining here that’s for sure!

11. Nothing Like Us: Justin has never had a problem expressing his feelings through his music. As an 18 year old teenage boy, this track shows the heartbreak Justin has recently been going through. Personally, I have never heard so much emotion in a song in a long time. Just like previously stated, Justin usually has no problem showing his emotions but this track is on a whole other level. It shows how much he trusts his fans because he knows they will never leave his side, no matter what. This track was a perfect way to wrap up this incredible album, so cheers to that!

If you haven’t had the time to listen to Believe Acoustic yet, do so ASAP. As you can clearly tell by the track-by-track review, this album is a force to be reckoned with! Make sure to purchase the album on iTunes here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/believe-acoustic/id589739974

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-Alana K.


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