Stranded Tour Crew Dance Their Worries Away

December 13, 2012

Flash Mobbing just went to a whole new level, thanks to a Delta flight cancellation and Justin’s awesome Believe Tour dancers, who don’t mess around once they put their heads to something.

The fierce crew entertained clueless travelers in the Atlanta airport when their flight was cancelled on Monday. Instead of just waiting around, they took to the terminals and busted out the “Beauty and a Beat” choreography, not missing a beat. DJ Tay James himself makes a cameo in the beginning that you don’t want to miss. At one point, one of the dancers, Nick, even turns the camera on himself to pull off a true duplicate of the original. So, next time your flight is delayed or cancelled, get some friends together and do this! Check out the awesome video below and let us know what you think! Also, follow the dancers in this video, they’re prettttttty dope.













-Brooke P.


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