Mike Posner releases tribute ballad for Sandy Hook victims

December 19, 2012

In honor of the 27 lives lost last Friday at Sandy Hook Elementary School, singer/songwriter Mike Posner has released a tender and beautiful ballad. The track, which Posner titles “Heaven”, is an emotionally grounded, moving portrait of the shock the world experienced at the news of the tragic shooting.

Tweeted Posner, “@MikePosner: Hey guys…I wanted to do SOMETHING for the victims’ families. I wrote this song because I didn’t know what else to do…Today makes no sense…God has blessed me with this gift and it felt wrong not to share it. I hope this song finds its way to proper ears.”

In addition to Tweeting, Posner took to Instagram to personally address those directly affected. A handwritten note reads: “To the victim’s families: I hope this song will help just a tiny, tiny bit to ease the pain of your loss. Maybe this will make sense in heaven.”

“Heaven” is powerful from the start, incorporating gentle acoustic rhythms with heartbreaking lyrics. Posner takes the time to dedicate the song to the victim’s families before singing:

“Today, we shed our tear for you / Tomorrow, we do it all again / They say that time will make it better / I think about what could have been” .

The song takes a cheerier turn when Posner goes positive, choosing to express his optimistic and hopeful thoughts about the world we live in:

“Still, I believe that there’s a whole lotta good people / I believe that there’s a light / And I believe in more than things that I can see, my love / And I know this isn’t right”.

“Heaven” then transitions into the chorus, which maintains the same low-key, yet high-impact effect as the rest of the song:

“But maybe this will make sense in heaven / And I’ll understand why you’re gone / Maybe this will make sense in heaven / Cause right now it don’t make sense at all”.

It’s an absolutely beautiful song and a fantastic way for Posner to publicly declare his condolences for the victims and their families, as well as verbally express the emotions the world has felt alongside him. It’s genuine acts like these that prove, no matter how dark of a time we live in, it’s always possible to find the light.

You can listen to the full song here.


-Shelley DeHekker



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