Bieber Fans Experience a Miracle

December 10, 2012

On December 1st, 2012, Justin Bieber’s ‘Believe Tour’ touched down in Toronto, Ontario. Being that Toronto is known to be Bieber’s “home” show, and is very close to his heart; everyone knew it would be a special night that will never be forgotten.

As an abundant amount of ‘Beliebers’ entered into the sold out Rogers Stadium in Toronto, anxious, screaming girls made their way to their seats… except two girls by the names of Margarita (20) and Tiffany (16). The girls made the 5 hour drive to Toronto from their hometown of Chatham, to see their idol to be shot down and told that their tickets were fake. They spent a total of $600 for the pair of tickets, but it wasn’t the money they were upset about losing, it was that they weren’t going to see their idol perform live. The girls remember so vividly when the woman at the box office told them they were not going to be getting into the concert; a look of devastation came across their faces.

Immediately, Margarita and Tiffany ran to a nearby bench, holding each other, bawling. They thought to themselves “How could this happen to us?” and “Why would someone do this?” Just when they thought they would be making the drive back home, a miracle happened. Out of nowhere, a man came up to the young girls and asked, “Why are you crying?”; with tears running down their face, Margarita replied, “Our tickets are fake!” and showed him the tickets. All of a sudden, he pulled out 2 front row tickets and handed them to the girls. Instantly their cries went from sad to happy in a midst of 10 seconds. Both of the girls jumped on the man and thanked him a million times and he said “Now, go have fun!” With the biggest smiles ever, Margarita and Tiffany ran to Gate 6 where the floor seats were and went to their front row seats.

Later on in the show Justin had a video camera and was filming himself singing, as well as some of his fans in the front row. Coincidentally, he ended up focusing the camera right on Margarita and Tiffany’s faces as they blew him kisses. These girls experienced a rollercoaster of emotions that night, but all that matters is they will never forget what happened and the once in a lifetime experience that will be with them forever.

The girls headed back home the next day and immediately contacted Global News and told them their story. They were so interested; they did a whole segment on them at Tiffany’s home in Chatham on Friday, December 7th. The only question that girls still ponder is, “Who was the amazing crew member who gave them the tickets?” Global News even contacted the Bieber Crew but they wouldn’t give out the name of the man because they didn’t want to take away the spotlight from the fans.

It is undeniably obvious that the Bieber Crew are an amazing bunch of people and there is nobody else like them!

Check out the interview Global News did with Margarita (@margariitaaN) and Tiffany (@Tourllas) below and let us know what you would do in this situation!

-Alana K.


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