One Direction’s New Album “Take Me Home”: TRACK-BY-TRACK REVIEW

November 6, 2012

The release of One Direction’s highly-anticipated new album Take Me Home is just around the corner, and in celebration of the event, we’ve got a track-by-track breakdown of what is proving to be their best work yet. Featuring 13 energized, beautifully crafted tracks, the album succeeds in representing the musical talents that Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, and Zayn Malik possess. Staying true to the band’s signature sound, Take Me Home incorporates creatively pleasing lyrics and a flair of sugary rhythms to achieve pure pop bliss. Check out our review of the individual tracks below:


Live While We’re Young: It’s contagiousness and plain fun all rolled into one. Featuring the lyrics “Let’s go crazy, crazy, crazy til we see the sun / I know we only met, but let’s pretend it’s love / and never, never, never stop for anyone / Tonight let’s get some, and live while we’re young”, the song evokes a carefree demeanor to make it the perfect opening track. The upbeat rhythms present in the song set the pace off right, promoting a fun and upbeat vibe that will serve as an overall tone for the album.

Kiss You: The second track off the album, Kiss You is a highly energetic, vivacious tune which describes a relationship in which sparks explode like fireworks. It’s an experience in which every touch creates a rush, resulting in the boys’ urging that “if you don’t wanna take it slow / if you just wanna take me home / baby, say yeah, yeah, yeah / and let me kiss you”. It’s the perfect mixture of sultry energy and sumptuous beats – ideal for blasting in the car, windows down.

Little Things: This is an intimate, lyrically resplendent song that works to slow the tempo down a bit as well as add an acoustic, very personal touch to the album. Penned by Ed Sheeran, Little Things is both emotional and raw, which works to showcase the band’s exquisite harmonies and vocal melodies.

C’mon, C’mon: Mix a fast-paced melody with clubby beats and you’ll get this track, which sets the rhythm of the album back into energetic stride. Featuring lyrics such as “I’ve been watching you all night / There’s something in your eyes / Saying c’mon, c’mon and dance with me, baby”, the song is a quintessential club anthem.

Last First Kiss: The sugary sweet nature of this song describes the magical allure of puppy love. The dynamic vocal collaborations in the chorus set the song into motion early on, but it is the contagious poetic element of the lyrics that allows Last First Kiss to flow smoothly – and easily get stuck in your head.

Heart Attack: The sixth track of Take Me Home carries on the album’s upbeat tempo trend, but switches up the tone slightly through lyrics about heartbreak. The chorus is infectious and undeniably fun to listen to, but also works to describe a situation that most people can relate to: “Never thought it’d hurt so bad / getting over you / you’re giving me a heart attack / looking like you do”.

Rock Me: Opening rhythms reminiscent of Queen’s “We Will Rock You” instantly help to catch the listener’s attention and kick the song off with a bang. The chorus is a bit rockier than what the band typically produces, incorporating an edge which is at once sultry and refreshing. Perhaps the most memorable portion is the bridge, achieved through the expressive mantra “R-O-C-K me again, R-O-C-K me again, R-O-C-K me again”.

Change My Mind: As the second slower-tempo song on the record, Change My Mind adds a touch which is both affectionate and gentle. It describes a situation in which an individual longs for their significant other to express a desire for them to stay – a chance to solidify the relationship. Though not quite as intimate as Little Things, and certainly not as fast-paced as the other tracks on the album, Change My Mind is a pleasing tune suitable for the record’s halfway point.

I Would: The rhythm gets lifted right back up again with a song that’s evocative of something that pop princess P!nk would produce. Drawing a comparison between the their love interest’s boyfriend and themselves, the band questions “Would he say he’s in l-o-v-e?” before proclaiming, “Well if that was me / then I would”. It’s a highly relatable song with an energetic rhythm to match.

Over Again: Channeling a spirited and passionate rawness similar to that of Ed Sheeran, Over Again is a magical musical confection. The lyrics are smooth and catchy like the rest of the album, but it’s the vocal presence that truly sets this track apart. Five-part harmonies containing a sheer melodic beauty turn the doleful tune into splendid ear candy.

Back for You: The delightful energy continues with Back for You. Proclaiming “Baby, you don’t have to worry / I’ll be coming back for you (x3) / Lately, I’ve been going crazy / So I’m coming back for you (x3)”, the song could possibly serve as a nod to the Brit heartthrobs’ legions of fans, proposing the possibility of a romance built on the irresistible draw a lucky female may have on one of the band members.

They Don’t Know About Us: Spine-tingling piano chords serve as both the opening and backing to a song built around a passionate romance hidden from the world. The chorus is splendidly poetic, as are the verses, which help create a track that showcases fluid solos garnished with harmonies. The penultimate track on the record, They Don’t Know About Us is definitely a must!

Summer Love: Last but certainly not least, Summer Love is a wistful ballad honing in on the beauty of memories and a desperate desire to hold on to what once was. The acoustically-centered track features the lyrics “Feels like snow in September / But I always will remember / You were my summer love”. The breezy melodies evoke a pleasurable summertime vibe, which mixes with the wistful lyrics to bring the album to a serene and beautiful end.


Overall, Take Me Home is a flawless compilation of energy-rich, tempo-driven songs. Just as the band’s debut album Up All Night did, Take Me Home succeeds in delivering to fans an audibly delicious blend of pop pleasure fit for parties, the clubs, the radio, or simply one’s stereo. The wait for new material from the boy band built high expectations, and One Direction did not disappoint. Take Me Home is an utterly blissful record that will only fuel further success for the British-Irish heartthrobs, as well as prove themselves as a talented bunch with a knack for producing hits. The album will be released on iTunes and in stores November 13th, upon which the world can finally get their hands on a delectable treat that any fan of pop music will enjoy.

Will you be purchasing One Direction’s new album when it hits stores in a week? Let us know in the comments below.


-Shelley DeHekker



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