Kanye West Remixes “Diamonds”

November 20, 2012

Rihanna’s hit single “Diamonds” just received a remix courtesy of Mr. Kanye West.

The remix starts out with Kanye rapping the first verse. He raps a bit of Fresh Prince of Bel Air, references the Illuminati, a secret group that “Allegedly runs the world,” and references the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. He must have really wanted to perform this year.  “Victoria’s Secret show they missed me/voices in my head I need choices in my bed.” Wonder how Kim K. feels about that???? But have no fear, Rihanna is performing and will probably sing  “Diamonds.”

However, the rap flows smoothly over Rihanna’s “Diamonds” and makes for an entertaining song. “Diamonds” beat was made for a rap verse and it all comes together seamlessly.

The song was released on Rihanna’s soundcloud and you can check it out here:

Diamonds Remix f/ Kanye West by Rihanna

Let us know what your thoughts are! Do you love the remix or hate it?


-Katie W. and Sarah R.

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