Elise Estrada’s Tribute To Bullying Victim, Amanda Todd

November 21, 2012

On October 10th, 2012 the world lost a beautiful 15 year-old girl named Amanda Todd. It saddens me to say that Amanda took her own life due to the immense amount of bullying she had to undergo from a very young age.

Amanda was well-known due to the video she put on YouTube where she wrote down exactly what was going on in her life and why she was being bullied so much. She used Q-Cards to tell her story which caught a lot of people’s attention worldwide. Just over a month after releasing the video, Amanda passed away.

Everyone knows that bullying has been a major issue worldwide for a very long time. Amanda personally said, “I hope one day I can write a song about bullying, so when kids are alone, staring out the window crying, they can play my song and know that it’s not your fault and things will get better.” Amanda’s death caught a lot of celebrities attention as well, especially Elise Estrada.

Elise Estrada is known for her 2 most popular songs, “Insatiable” and “Crash & Burn”. Once she heard the news about Amanda she wrote a song dedicated to the young girl. The song is called “Wonder Woman” and its Elise’s way of telling the world that if she was ‘wonder woman’ she would stop bullying.

Elise made a music video for the meaningful song where she included a multitude of pictures and videos of Amanda before she passed. She also got a number of people and a few celebrities to hold up signs that say “R.I.P. Amanda Todd” as well as “Just Like Wonder Woman” which she included in the music video.

Not only is this song dedicated to Amanda’s hardships, but it has a very strong message that bullying needs to end. Suicide should never be a question, or the answer. There needs to be a solution rather than letting someone die before we stand up to bullying.

From all the writers at WeKnowTheDj.com and Tay James himself, we would like YOU to stand up to bullying and understand that no one deserves this, regardless who you are.

If you haven’t heard or seen the music video, check it out below.

-Alana K.


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