Cars, ‘Copters, and Cameras: 50 Cent Presents “My Life” Video

November 29, 2012

What an interesting trio to be collaborated on one video, but nevertheless, they did not disappoint.

Yes, the notorious rappers Eminem and 50 Cent united with The Voice judge Adam Levine to conjure up “My Life”. Levine appears first in the music video, sitting inside what appears to be an abandoned building, crooning out his “My life, my life/ Makes me wanna run away/ There’s no place to go” lyrics.

50 Cent then surfaces in the next scene, while a helicopter glares its lights through the window on the rapper. Not missing a beat, the rapper then proceeds on to his awaiting slick, black Chrysler 300 and speeds off. Now THAT is how you make an exit.

Dressed in all black, the legendary hip-hop icon Eminem makes his début amidst a park-like area. Eminem also attempts to evade a helicopter shining its lights on him, while he continues to spit out his (undoubtedly) impressive flow.

Levine comes into sight again, this time emerging from the building and being the odd one out that is approaching the helicopter lights.

Throughout the video, each of the men is being looked on through surveillance on a laptop set on a table surface. As to why they are being spied on, I will admit I am not quite sure, but hey, it does add to the suspense and action of the video!

Straying away from the usual rap videos that include the endless amount of partying, “My Life” exemplified more of a movie-like video. It foreshadows promising things to come from 50 Cent’s upcoming album, “Street King Immortal”.

Wouldn’t you agree? Watch the video below and then let us know what think!

-Aisha R.

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