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November 26, 2012

Have you ever read an article on this website and wondered what the person who wrote it is like or guessed that writing for WeKnowTheDJ is a tough job? Well with a team of 9 writers from around the world, things can get a little crazy and stressful, but there’s never a dull moment.

We, the writers and editors, decided it’s time to have a little fun-and by that we mean nominate each other for WeKnowTheDJ Superlatives. Below you will find a small section about each one of us and the winner of the superlative categories.

The categories are: Best Dressed, Wittiest, Biggest Belieber, B*tchiest, Best Looking, Best Smile, Best Personality, Most Likely to Become a Billionaire, Biggest Ego, Hardest Worker, Most Unique, Most Talkative, Funniest Laugh, Most Likely to Throw a Chari on Jery Springer, Most Likely to Brighten Your Day, Most Talented, Biggest Gossip, Best NickName, Best Eyes, Best Hair, most Dramatic, Most Random, Most Likely to Succeed, Most individualistic, most Flirtatious, Most Athletic, Most Awkward, Best Writer, Most Annoying, and Best Stalker. (Remember this was all in fun & there are no hard feelings or offense to be taken by anyone!)

Kellie Cox won’t exactly reveal her true age, she will however; let it be known that she is twenty-something. 🙂 Born and raised a Southern Belle from South Carolina, Kellie has worked as the chief editor for WeKnowTheDJ for almost 2 years. Known as a quirky, driven, petite young woman with a big heart and a pit bull attitude, she obtains a BA in Communications and is working towards her Master’s degree focusing her Thesis on non-profit communication organizations through University of Phoenix. Other than a passion for writing, Kellie is obsessed with music, concerts, and animals, having a spoiled rotten Pug named Nixon of her own. For more about Kellie, follow her crazy life on Twitter, @Kellie_Cox! Voted B*tchiest, Most Talkative, Most Likely to Succeed, & Most Flirtatious





Alana Kelly is a 19 year old, outgoing blonde from Toronto, Ontario. She is currently in her 2nd year of university at Wilfrid Laurier University where she is majoring in communication studies. She loves all sports, but hockey is her passion. Not only is she a sports fan, but she is also a dedicated ‘belieber’ and music lover. Just because she is Canadian, doesn’t mean she only likes poutine and maple syrup, she also LOVES to write. Alana has written for WeKnowTheDj since June 2012 and loves every aspect of it. Alana aspires to move to the US after she graduates and continue to write for WeKnowTheDj. She is hoping to get a future career in the writing field someday as well. Follow Alana on twitter to get to know her, she is a lot of fun! (@alanakellyMD) Voted Biggest Gossip, Best Eyes, Most Dramatic, and Best Personality




Nicole Campea is a 19-year-old journalist from Toronto, Canada. She started writing a few years ago and is now in her second year at Humber College. Hoping to move out of cold Canada and to LA in a few years, Nicole loves the entertainment scene which is why she loves writing about it as well. Her favourite thing to do is travel when and wherever possible. Writing for weknowtheDJ improves Nicole’s writing skills and gives her a wider writing perspective on the entertainment world. Follow her on twitter @NicoleCampea Voted Best Dressed, Best Looking, Biggest Ego, Best Hair, and Best Stalker





Meg Ciampo is an eighteen-year old freshman at Rutgers University in New Jersey, majoring in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations and Journalism. Though she’s been born and raised a New Yorker, Meg is a Jersey Girl at heart, even making a point to drive 40 minutes to avoid pumping her own gas! Meg used to clear her mind on the soccer field but a career-ending shoulder injury made the soccer field a thing of the past. With a sling as an accessory for 14 weeks, she needed something to focus on, and she turned to writing. Some of Meg’s favorite things include hanging out with friends, getting to spend time with family, causing trouble in the weknowthedj group text messages, and online shopping, which isn’t the best idea on a college budget. Meg gets inspired to write through the motivation that every piece of writing will make her a better writer in the long run. Meg’s parents have always taught her to go after what she wants and to never give up. After college, she plans on getting a job in the public relations field of the music industry. Go follow her on twitter! (@megchamp07) Voted Wittiest, Most Random, Most Athletic, and tied for Best Nickname



Time to meet probably the coolest writer on the WeKnowTheDJ crew! Aisha is also the youngest writer on the team, at the mere age of 17. She lives in sunny South Florida, born and raised. She has three dogs and two cats, but don’t let the numbers fool you; her love for cats is quite strong. (Don’t get it twisted, though; she loves dogs, too!) Aisha has written for WeKnowTheDJ since July 2012. Although still in high school, she has had many writing experiences throughout the years. Essays, creative writing, journals…you name it, she did it. Math is also one of the subjects that Aisha loves and excelled in. When she’s not writing or attending school, however, Aisha enjoys the usual hanging out with friends, shopping, etc. She also enjoys blogging on Tumblr and creating graphics on Photoshop. She additionally runs a support Twitter dedicated to Justin Bieber. In the future, Aisha hopes to engage in the Pediatric field or major in Communications. That could change, so I would just keep an eye out for her. She also hopes to possibly move to California, or at least take a trip there. Well, that is just a gist of Aisha’s life. I know, you’re fascinated and would love to more, but that is it for now! Stay tuned for her articles on the site and a big thank you for being a WeKnowTheDJ reader! P.S. Don’t forget to follow her on twitter 🙂 (@BreeezyBelieber) Voted Biggest Belieber, Best Smile, and Most Artistic

Brooke is a freshman at the University of Florida majoring in journalism. She has been writing for weknowthedj since August of 2012, and is inspired by upcoming bands and artists, as well as alternative music. She loves writing album reviews and about concerts she attends. As huge music fan, Brooke goes to at least 10 concerts a year, toughing injuries during some. She is very thankful for being a part of the coolest source for entertainment news! Brooke loves French bulldogs and new twitter followers. HMU! I mean, hit her up. Stay dope! (@BrookePerryMD) Voted Hardest Worker, Most Individualistic, and Most Likely to Brighten Your Day






A native of St. Louis, Missouri, Shelley now lives just outside of Los Angeles in Orange County, California, where she is currently studying screenwriting at Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts. Along with her involvement in the film community on campus, she’s a member of the Honors program and Kappa Alpha Theta sorority. She’s been writing features pieces for WeKnowtheDJ since July 2012, something she has thoroughly enjoyed as mainstream pop culture is both a marvel and an enthusiasm for her. Ever since she remembers having the ability to pick up a pen, she’s been writing, be it novels, short stories, poetry, or screenplays, and she cites JK Rowling as her number one inspiration. She’s a travel enthusiast and hopes to see the world one day – her favorite place she’s been to so far is Machu Picchu in Peru. Her favorite things include music, key lime pie, Harry Potter, the movie Titanic, airports, and anything British – particularly the boys. 😉 To keep up with Shelley, follow her on twitter and Instagram: @shelleydehekker. Voted Best Writer, Most Talented, and Most Changed

Katie Wallace has written for weknowthedj since April 2012 when she submitted an article for the “Fan Feature Of the Week.” In her free time, Katie likes to watch 90s TV shows on DVD. So far she has the entire series of “Boy Meets World,” “Saved By The Bell,” and “Beverly Hills 90210” on DVD and continues to grow her collection. She also has a soft spot for classic 90s movies such as “The Sandlot,” “Clueless,” “Little Giants,” “Hook,” “Cool Runnings,” and more. Some of her favorite classic 90s taglines that she uses in everyday conversation include “You Play Ball Like a Girl” and “How Rude” (Stephanie Tanner style).  One of her biggest accomplishments in life is seeing Mario Lopez, AKA A.C. Slater, in person. Does anyone else know what A.C. stands for? She also loves Old school nickelodeon games shows like “Legends of the Hidden Temple” and “Guts.” When Katie isn’t obsessing over everything and anything 90s, she likes to play tennis and practice yoga. She also likes to rap and get her inner 8-mile on.  After all, she is from Detroit. She loves Eminem, Drake, Big Sean, Salt-N-Pepa, and Tupac. Lastly, if you see any fantastic gifs, send them Katie’s way. She’s infamous for Random Gif hours. Tweet them to her @katiewaIIace (those are capital i’s not Ls) Voted Most Likely to Become a Billionaire, Most Annoying, and tied for Best Nickname


 Often referred to as Bella Swan, Meg McQuaide is a Jersey girl currently chasing her love of writing through a degree in Communication/Public Relations at Montclair University. Meg joined the WeKnowTheDj family as a writer in January of 2012, and now as the assistant editor for WeKnowTheDJ, Meg also helps with assignments, editing, and feedback. While Jersey will always be her home, she hopes to pursue a career in PR and move to Los Angeles post graduation. A firm believer in the quote “Believe in yourself and all that you are”, She’s head strong and detemined to make her dreams come true. Aside from her awkward inhibitions, Meg is easily the life of the party! Follow her on twitter @MegMcQuaide. Voted Most Unique, Most Likely to Throw a Chair on Jerry Springer, tied for Best Nickname, Most Awkward, and Most Likely to Appear on Jersey Shore.



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