The Wanted Release New Video for “I Found You”

October 16, 2012

With a parental advisory for explicit content, I was very excited to watch the new video for The Wanted’s new single “I Found You.”

The premise of the video is that the bandmates are trying to rescue a girl who looks to be kidnapped and tied up.  Max even has a search dog to help him.

Upon rescuing the girl, all five of the boys throw punches at the guys who are keeping an eye on the kidnapped.  Upon spotting the video girl, Nathan busts out an incredible solo that makes his voice sound flawless and then kisses the girl.

The twist? He kisses her to distract her while he steals a key out of her pocket.  This key unlocks a chest of diamonds hidden in a river.

The boys are drop dead goregous in this video with Nathan and Tom sporting sleek skinny ties and Max showing his love for dogs.

I was hoping for a bit more steaminess in the video, especially with a parental advisory warning, and five very hot men. However, the video was still fantastic and the song is sure to be a hit.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think of it in the comments.





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