REVIEW: One Direction releases intimate new single “Little Things”

October 30, 2012

The countdown to Take Me Home continues with the release today of One Direction’s latest single, “Little Things”. The tune, which features solos from all five members of the band, is a bit different from anything we’ve heard from the boys before. Deviating from the up-beat, club-friendly vibe of the new album’s first single “Live While We’re Young”, “Little Things” is much more acoustic-centered and intimate. In fact, it gives off a vibe reminiscent to music released by fellow Brit artist Ed Sheeran – which is fitting, seeing as he wrote the track.

“Little Things” is, quite simply, a beautiful ballad celebrating all the flaws that make a girl unique. In an interview with MTV News, Sheeran discussed writing the song when he was 17, saying that it praises “the best things about someone, kind of like the things you wouldn’t expect”. It was later revealed to Capital FM that the song features his favorite lyrics:

I know you never like the sound of your voice on tape / and you never like to know how much you weigh / and you still have to squeeze into your jeans / but you’re perfect to me

Combine scarily relatable lyrics such as that one with five angelic voices, and you’ve just about achieved perfection. The slow-tempo, tender notes of “Little Things” work to bring out the raw vocal talent that each member of One Direction possesses. Particularly striking is Niall Horan’s solo in the bridge of the song, which sends chills down the spine with apparent effortlessness. His voice in the clip is reminiscent of pop-rock crooner Jason Mraz, yet maintains the delicate allure which is characteristic of Horan. To finish it off, the boys bind their voices together to produce a harmonic, breathtaking melody that they’re simply so good at doing.

It’s beautifully written and beautifully sung – but we wouldn’t expect anything less from Ed Sheeran or the boys of One Direction, who continue to prove that they make an incredible team. (Sheeran previously worked with the boys on their début album, Up All Night, for which he penned the song “Moments”).

“Little Things” is the latest teaser from One Direction’s sophomore album Take Me Home, which is slated for release November 13th. Judging by the tenderly-crafted resplendence of the new single, as well as the dynamic contagiousness of the first single “Live While We’re Young”, the album is bound to be pure gold.

Check out the lyric video for “Little Things” below:

-Shelley DeHekker


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