Nicki Minaj New Music Video – The Boys ft. Cassie

October 30, 2012

Within the first few seconds of the music video, you could already tell you were in Nicki’s world. Pink EVERYTHING!

The video, that was released on October 18th, looks like it could have taken place in Barbie land. From the pink cars, buildings, and even to the pink hair dryers, it looked like a scene out of a Barbie-based movie. Nicki, rocking a variety of different hair colours, gets surrounded by a group of dancers while in the hair salon, as she gets her hair done by the one and only, Cassie. She’s back and hotter than ever, strutting so many outfits throughout the video, but all consisting of showing her never-ending perfect legs.

So many hair changes in this video, it’s almost hard to keep up with them. Nicki went from being blonde, to blue, to pink, blue AND pink, and finally to half-blonde, half-pink throughout the video. As Cassie went from black hair, to green, to pink.

Director Colin Tilley, did a fantastic job on the music video. I would say, colourful is a great way to describe it, even though it can still be an understatement. Colin has written and directed music videos for not only Nicki, but also Justin Bieber, 50 cent, Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, and so much more.

The day of the video release, Minaj went on an RTing spree on Twitter, retreating all of her fans positive feedback. Following her 4 AMA nominations, and a new video release, Minaj is on a steady path this year.

Check out the video here:

-Nicole C


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