Mac Miller Released Next Album Title

October 17, 2012

Pittsburgh rapper Mac Miller put out the title of his future album last Sunday, when he tweeted “My Sophomore Album Title Is: Watching Movies With The Sound Off,” and with almost 6,000 retweets and favorites, it seems like Mac’s knuckleheads are very much looking forward to it.
In an interview with MTV, Miller said, “Making history [with Blue Slide Park] was awesome; I don’t care about that with this album. I don’t care if we go #1, I don’t care about selling records. That sh– is awesome, but this album, I just need to do something different.”
Let’s not forget that Miller is signed to an independent record label, and that his first studio album, Blue Slide Park was the first independently distributed début album to top the Billboard 200 in over 15 years. This next album is sure to be nothing less of most dope! And although he might not care as much about the success of the album, it is sure to be popular when it drops in 2013. Mac also tweeted that in addition to rapping on the album, he will be working on much of its production.
I know it seems like a long wait, but don’t forget to go back and listen to Blue Slide Park, (which is celebrating its first birthday Nov. 8.) as well as the free mixtape, Macadelic. Even better news, the next mixtape, Pink Slime will be released before the year’s end. Make sure you check Mac’s twitter feed, he’s been releasing a few songs from Pink Slime, which Pharrell Williams collaborated on. He has also said he’ll be putting out a video soon of what inspired the name of the album, Watching Movies With The Sound Off.
The new music is slated to come out early next year, although Miller performed a song at the Nokia on Oct. 2, which he says is part of Watching Movies… , called “Goosebumps” see a live video of it below, and tell us what you think.

-Brooke P.

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