Keeping Up With Lady Gaga

October 15, 2012

By the looks of it, Justin Bieber isn’t the only one who gets nauseous on stage, Lady Gaga does too. On October 7th in Barcelona, Gaga threw up with her back facing the crowd, then continued her dance routine to her hit song “Edge of Glory.”

Slowly but surely, Gaga is releasing bits and pieces from her upcoming album ARTPOP. She told MTV News, “The record’s coming out really, really great.” Gaga has yet to let her fans know what the album will sound like, making it a surprise for everyone. ARTPOP is expected to drop in 2013 towards the beginning of the year. Exciting!

Members on were eligible to solve a puzzle, in which lead to a new song cover, named “Stache.” It took one little monster only 70 minutes to complete the puzzle, and have the first listen at to what we can expect from ARTPOP. Listen to “Stache” here:

To add to Gaga’s stash of awards, she is being honored with the Biennial LennonOno Grant For Peace Award, at a ceremony in Iceland in October. Gaga is receiving this award for her activism and how “Born This Way” has changed a lot of people mentally.

Keeping up with Lady Gaga is super hard since she is one busy working lady!

Tickets to Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Ball are now on sale!


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