Justin Bieber Gets First #1 Radio Song With ALAYLM

October 9, 2012

His name causes millions of girls around the world to scream like crazy. His current Believe Tour is only just beginning but has received incredible feedback. Girls are swooning over him in every country. If you haven’t figured it out by now, we could only be talking about the one and only Justin Bieber.

The eighteen-year-old has been doing everything he could possibly do to prove to the world that he’s not just some teen-heartthrob. He is back with another statistic that proves even more that he’s here to stay. Justin’s second single off Believe, As Long As You Love Me, is officially the singer’s first #1 radio song of his career!

Bieber constantly shows how much he appreciates the support from his beliebers and this milestone is no different! On October 8, 2012, Justin sent out a tweet reading “got the first #1 radio song of my career 2day with #AsLongAsYouLoveMe!!! Thank u 4 the support!! #BELIEVEalbum is converting the haterz!” to his over 28.8 million twitter followers. Believe is definitely converting the haters. Just about everyone is now a Justin Bieber fan, whether they admit it or not!

We’ve all heard the catchy song over-and-over again but my guess is, nobody’s complaining! The song is naturally a hit, so it’s really no surprise that this is the song giving Justin Bieber his first #1 radio song!

The song, featuring Big Sean, has been requested, played and played again. People all over the world, even people that would never admit to being Bieber fans, are listening to this song. I was driving with a friend not too long ago and as soon as As Long As You Love Me came on our local radio station, he blasted the radio and had his own jam session. Later that day, his phone went off and As Long As You Love Me was also his ringtone. Keep in mind; this particular friend is an 18-year-old college football player who doesn’t exactly fit the “belieber” stereotype.

If anything, this chart-topping accomplishment proves to the world that Justin Bieber is here to stay, he’s making the transition to adult star, not just another teen heartthrob or one-hit wonder! Let us know below what your thoughts are on Justin’s newest chart topper and the eighteen-year-olds success! From everyone at weknowthedj, congratulations Justin, you deserve it!!

And just because, here’s the incredible video for As Long As You Love Me…

-Meg C.


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