Justin Bieber Breaks Another Record!

October 15, 2012

Recently it seems like Justin Bieber’s favorite thing to do is break records and today he can add another tally to his “broken records list!” The whole world knows about what was definitely the most creative music video release of all time; I’m pretty sure even Kanye West would agree with us on this one! At 2pm EST, VEVO announced that Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj broke multiple records with the release of Beauty and a Beat. Beliebers, Barbz, and people all over the world helped the duo shatter the record for the most VEVO views in 24 hours!

The four minute and fifty-three second video of “stolen” footage raked in 10.6 million views in only 24 hours!! That’s a whole lot of pool partying for the world to handle! VEVO Australia is even calling Beauty and a Beat their video of the year… it’s only October! At the time of writing, the incredible music video had 21,386,111 views and by now, that number is definitely a lot higher!

The release of Beauty and a Beat took the world by surprise; I guess we have gexwy to thank for that! Justin proved that people will believe anything people have to say in the media, no matter how valid the statement is. In this case though, all the attention simply helped us get those 10.6 million views!

The video is also doing something that seems to be another one of Justin’s favorite things, converting haters! While looking at the comments on YouTube and tweets about the release, besides the usual “OMG I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER. NOTICE ME. FOLLOW ME?!” responses, there was a lot of  “I don’t consider myself a Justin fan… but man, this song is just amazing!” Overall, this video just relays a simple message; Justin likes to be the underdog so keep doubting, but Justin Bieber is here to stay!

And for any of you who have either been living under a rock and missed the video, or anyone who simply wants to stare at how perfect this video is, here it is!

Let us know below what you think of the music video and the excitement you have of helping break the record for Most VEVO Views in 24 Hours! Congratulations Justin, your hard work has showed and we all know you’re Just Getting Started!

-Meg C


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