Episode 3: WeKnowTheDJ

October 19, 2012

Every fan of DJ Tay James awaits the day until the next WeKnowTheDJ episode drops. Well today is that day!

Beginning with a bit from J. Biebs himself and some Q&A time with Mr. Kenny Hamilton, episode 3 of WeKnowTheDJ gives fans an inside look of Tay James’ life on tour from being on stage with Bieber almost every night, to spinning at the hottest clubs after a Believe show.

The DJ is always filming new footage for these episodes, whether he is on tour or walking the streets sight-seeing in a random city. So if you see the DJ, make sure you let him know that YOU KNOW THE DJ! Who knows, you could be in an upcoming episode!

Check out the latest episode of WeKnowTheDJ below!

-Kellie C.



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