Billboard Top 100

October 23, 2012

You can always rely on The Billboard Top 100 when it comes to updating your iTunes. Heres this weeks Top Ten from the Billboard Top 100.

#1 – Maroon 5 is dominating the charts as always with “One More Night.” The second single off their album has been number one on the charts for quite some time now.

#2 – The highly popular, “Gangnam Style” by PSY. Followed by manager Scooter Braun, PSY definitely seems to be well liked by not only his home Korea, but by the rest of the world.

#3 – Off of the AH-MAZING new album “Red”, “I Knew You Were Trouble” by Taylor Swift comes in at number three! Say bye to country girl Taylor Swift, because this song is totally rock/pop! Keep an eye out for the rest of her songs because they will definitely be making their way up the charts.

#4 – I think I’ve lost count of how many weeks this song has been on the charts! Some Nights by Fun has such a cool vibe to it that is completely different from their other songs. Enjoy it, because it doesn’t look like Fun is going anywhere anytime soon!

#5 – “We Are Never Getting Back Together” by Taylor Swift is still on the charts and probably won’t be leaving anytime soon. The very catchy song has been getting a lot of attention from the entire world, but what’s not to love about it?

#6 – Still making its way up and down the charts is Mr. Justin Bieber featuring Big Sean with “As Long As You Love Me.” How long do you think Biebs will stay in the top 10?

#7 – “Too Close” by Alex Clare is making it’s way up the charts, this week falling at number seven. The sound is totally different from the others in the top 10, which gives it a huge chance of staying on the charts for even longer.

#8 – One of the most popular songs at the moment is “Die Young” by the one and only Ke$ha. Not only is this song on the radio every time you turn it on, but it’s on the charts day after day, which just keeps getting closer to the top.

#9 – Falling at number nine is “Blow Me” by P!nk. Being a mom does not stop her from absolutely killing the charts!

#10 – The catchiest song right now made it to number 10 this week. “Good Time” by Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen isn’t leaving the charts just yet. Their song is falling in different positions every week, but still making it to the charts.

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