Andy Pop Exclusive: Come Home

October 4, 2012

A majority of the time, talent goes unnoticed; but every so often, an artist will be discovered and their talents are put on display to be heard by the world.

In the beginning of September, we did a feature on up-and-coming artist Andy Pop and the release of his newest album, No Choice. Check it out here if you missed it! Well we’re back with even more from the twenty-two year old! After releasing an album, most artists wait to put out even more music; but Andy isn’t like other artists! He’s back with a new song called Come Home and Weknowthedj has the exclusive!

Come Home is everything a girl wants to hear from a boy. I can’t give away too much but when Andy says “Right in my arms, where you’re safe from any harm” and “A life without you isn’t a life I wanna live” you can’t help but connect to the song. Just about everyone has encountered a relationship where it ended earlier than you would have liked and Andy finds a way to put that situation into an incredible song.

This new song is Andy’s most emotional song to date, he opens up and let’s listeners into his heart. This one’s also a huge milestone, the upstate New York native made the beat himself. Andy’s all about hard work and dedication; this song just proves how serious he is about his future and he’s ready to do whatever it takes to get to the top!

Keep in mind; he’s a twenty-two-year-old so the song does have a few explicit words. As much as we’d love for everyone to hear this song, young ears should probably skip this one.

Be sure to check out the song and let us know below what your thoughts are! Also be sure to check out Andy’s Facebook at and his Twitter at Andy’s album No Choice can be downloaded for free at I can promise this isn’t the last you’ll be hearing from Andy Pop, especially on weknowthedj.


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