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September 3, 2012

I’ve already lived life harder than most grown ups”, is a lyric in the song “Lost Cause” which shares a snippet of personal experiences that 21 year-old Jutes, has overcome.
Living in Toronto, Ontario, Jutes had a passion for basketball. He competed in tournament after tournament, really aiming for a scholarship. In 2010, Jutes packed up his basketball once he realized he was a lot stronger mentally, than he was physically. He knew he wasn’t going to excel as much as he’d like as an athlete, so he decided to bring all his creativity to the table at Humber College, studying film.
During the school year, Jutes started to write lyrics, to hopefully create a song with them in the future. “It was actually funny because I’d walk around telling people that I am going to be a rapper one day”, Jutes said, “and they’d just laugh because my lyrics were horrible.” Harsh criticism did not stop him in any way. The more Jutes got put down and dissed, the more it pushed him to work harder. Then in no time, he found himself acting different, going through life obstacles, and just not being himself. “I was actually in somewhat of a dark place, for the first time in my life. I started writing joke rap songs to entertain myself. All of a sudden I found myself skipping classes just to complete these songs”, Jutes said, “Before this, I had never even attempted writing a song or even rapping at all.” Believe it or not, Jutes has songs that are half written (half written and have been for a while), because he can’t get back into the mood he was in while he was writing it, therefore he can’t finish them just yet.
Jutes met a lot of friends in film school, which has led to steady relationships, as they are now filming his music videos, which visually make them look both professional and original. His friends love to film his videos as side projects, which include lighting crew, makeup artists, and background actors to play different rolls in the music videos. Siloam Entertainment, which is a production company in Ottawa, Ontario, also produces Jutes’ music videos.
Jutes has started to build up a lot of hype in his town. So much, that he decided to put music as his first priority, and is now coming out with his very first EP on September 12th. “The song “Lost Cause”, which I just released, is the first single off my upcoming debut EP that I named “The ChodeLife EP“. I realize that’s a weird title but I imagine it will turn some heads.” Jutes said. Chodelife is a name that Jutes creatively made up himself, which represents the quote, “little guys just trying to get bigger.” Suits himself perfectly, don’t you think?
Make sure to keep your eyes open for “The ChodeLife EP” which is dropping on September 12th on: www.datpiff.com.
Don’t forget to check out “Lost Cause” as well:
For updates, follow Jutes on twitter, @JutesMusic, and Like his facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/JutesMusic.

– Nicole C

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