Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”

September 2, 2012

What might blow you away with Taylor Swift’s new video; directed by Declan Whitbloom; is that they shot it in only ONE take and with only one camera. Hard to believe, I know. The country-pop singer took to Twitter right before the video debut to say, “Fun facts about the “We Are Never” music video: it’s all in one take, shot with one camera, 5 costume changes, and woodland creatures.”

Sure enough, each fact did seem apparent in the video. The woodland creatures were actually her band dressed in costumes as they happily played their instruments and danced to the music.

The video begins with Swift sitting next to the window in her pajamas reminiscing about her recent break-up. Her ex then appears in the video (trying to resolve the issues), but instead Swift just orders him out. The rest of the video follows the lyrics’ storyline and involves many quick scene and costume changes.

At the premiere of “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” in Times Square, Swift told MTV, “I wanted the video to look as quirky as the song sounds, so the apartment was covered in knitting and there’s random woodland creatures popping up.” She also confided to MTV that it took them 17 times to finally get the video right. I think that’s pretty impressive considering it all had to be done in a single take.

The song itself has already reached number 1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart within just a week of release! Some people feel as if Taylor Swift is discarding her whole country vibe and stepping towards the market of pop music, but “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” has proved to be what’s in demand right now. I guess it’s too quick to decide whether the country artist is fading. Her new album, “Red”, will be available October 22nd, 2012, so we can all make our conclusions then.

Check out the quirky and ultimately adorable new video from Taylor Swift below!

-Aisha R


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