Rising Recording Star: Payton Rae

September 8, 2012

If you haven’t heard of Payton Rae, then you’re truly missing out. With her love of Hunter Hayes and her favorite song at the moment being “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” by Taylor Swift, this country girl is a perfect fit at We Know the DJ since we recently covered both of them. I had the wonderful opportunity to interview this southern sweetheart and she was so much fun and genuinely nice!

Payton has been singing since she was 4 years old and sang the national anthem for the Houston Comets game at the that exact age. It’s her most memorable performance ever and the start of something very special. Payton is a unique country singer set apart from many others in the way she uses social media. With over 150,000 twitter followers, 72,000 Likes on Facebook, and more than 11,000,000 views on YouTube, Payton continues to build a strong online fan base. When asked what three things she couldn’t live without she said her phone because she needed it to reply to fans and then her fans were another thing she couldn’t live without. Payton truly loves her fans and tries to meet as many of them as possible. She loves being able to put a face with a twitter name and give them a hug. Two years ago, a fan of hers, Taylor, really wanted to meet her. Taylor was diagnosed with cancer and “to meet someone who was such a fighter and was so strong” was really special. Taylor passed away this week so this was Payton’s shout-out to her.

The 16, soon to be 17-year-old, just wrapped up the 2012 Camplified Tour. Camplified is a music festival that travels all around the country to various summer camps with young and coming artists as the main attraction.  One notable artist who got their start on Camplified was Cody Simpson.  Camplified was great because according to Payton, you got to “experience so many different genres and meet so many cool people…and not one camp was exactly the same.”

Now that summer has ended and Payton is home from “camp,” she’s busy traveling back and forth between her hometown of Houston, Texas and Nashville, Tennessee. She’s been writing some new songs, recording a new EP, going to school (she’s super motivated to finish high school and might even graduate early) and promoting blue shirt day on Monday, October 1st. On this day, kids, teens and adults should all wear a blue shirt to show solidarity with the anti-bullying and cyber bullying causes. As an ambassador for Stomp Out Bullying, Payton is involved and very honored to be a part of it. She was bullied in junior high and she explained “it’s really special to me for to be a part of it and speak out about bullying because I know it’s a huge problem for many different ages (of kids) right now.”

Payton is one of the most humble and grateful people who I’ve been fortunate to talk with. Like all celebrities, Payton is grateful for her fans and all the opportunities she’s had in life.  She works with amazing people and for her, it was so great to work with the producers and engineers on her Dare to Live EP because they share the same moral values and they are people “who want the best for me,” as she explained.

In fact, one artist that she really looks up to is Carrie Underwood because she’s so humble and down to earth. Payton said, “That’s why I believe she’s reached success and is one of the most talented people I’ve ever heard of.”

Lastly, Payton had a message for you, the fans: “My fans mean the absolute world to me. You are my stepping stone to where I’m going and I’m so thankful for all of you.”

Make sure you check out Payton’s new single, “Stomp the Fire Out” here, wear your blue shirt for blue shirt day on October 1st, and follow her on twitter (@paytonraemusic) for all of her latest updates.

-Katie W

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