Mac Miller & Pharrell’s “Pink Slime” EP Coming Soon

September 12, 2012

Mac Miller, known for teasing his fans, is doing a great job of keeping us on our feet. When it comes to his new EP “Pink Slime” coming out in the fall, there are extremely high expectations due to the lone fact that Pharrell will be on the album… more than once! The 20 year-old Pittsburgh native has been teasing fans on twitter with talk of the collaboration with Pharrell since early this year.

Mac has to be one of the hardest working rappers in the game right now due to the amount of tours he’s on; as well as multiple mixtapes, EP’s and a full length studio album he has released in a matter of two years. Mac’s previous mixtape “Macadelic” has done extremely well in the past few months, especially since he’s been showcasing the new songs on a full length American tour.

As for the newly acclaimed EP “Pink Slime”, you are in for a treat. Mac recently confirmed that Pharrell and himself have finished eleven songs that they are featured on together. Mac recently told an interviewer at the 2012 VMA’s, “We have about 11 records that we’ve done, but I only want the best ones on there. We gotta figure it out. I’m just hoping people like it, man. It’s something different from both of us and it’s just cool to be working with someone like that and have someone who’s such a legend be so into the project.” It’s pretty clear that Mac is beyond excited for the EP to be released, but only if it’s up to his standards.

In early August of 2012, Mac released a track that will definitely be on the “Pink Slime” called, “Glow”. The track is in many ways, ‘trippy’ and is very different from what we are used to from Mac. You can tell the two rappers were fooling around with background music due to its funky vibe. It’s not like Mac Miller fans are surprised by his choice of background music, it’s what he does, but it is different which is fine by me!

Take a listen to “Glow” and let us know what you think below!

– Alana K.


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