Will the 2012 VMAs be better than last year?

August 6, 2012

The highlight of the 2011 VMAs was definitely Beyoncé and Jay Z’s pregnancy announcement but now we can’t help but question: will anything of the same magnitude happen again on September 6, 2012, when the VMAs take over the Staples Center? Maybe this year they’ll present Blue Ivy to the world like Mufasa did with Simba in The Lion King? One can only hope!

Rihanna and Drake share the “most nominations” spot, both receiving five nominations, followed closely by Katy Perry with four. Beyoncé, Frank Ocean, Jay-Z and Kanye, and Nicki Minaj all racked in three nominations; Kanye, Justin Bieber, One Direction and Chris Brown all earned themselves two Moonmen nominations.

Alicia Keys and One Direction are already confirmed performers, but who else will take over the stage? Will Bieber Fever be at an all-time high with a jaw-dropping performance? Or will Bieber’s first artist, Carly Rae Jepsen, who is nominated for Best New Artist, make us want sing along to the song that’s been stuck in everyone’s head this summer? Maybe it’ll be someone completely unexpected. Whoever else joins the stage, MTV isn’t going to disappoint.

Carly Rae will most likely take home that tremendous honor and Beliebers will do everything in their power to make sure Justin walks away with the award for Best Male Video and Best Pop Video. Who will go home with the VMA for Best Female Video? Will it be 11-time winner Beyoncé, 3-time winner Katy Perry, 3-time winner Rihanna, one-time winner Nicki Minaj, or first time nominee Selena Gomez?

It’s all up to the viewers, the votes are all that matter and you decide whether your idol brings home a Moonman or not! The Video Music Awards are known for being over the top and jaw-dropping and I have a pretty good feeling that this year’s awards aren’t going to be much different from the past. As for what will happen, my guess is as good as yours but the anticipation is keeping me on the edge of my seat! I’ll be back with an after-awards report but until then, keep voting for your favorites and make sure the only thing on your calendar for September 16th is the VMAs!

-Megan Ciampo

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