The Monkees Are Back!

August 9, 2012

The Monkees, an American rock band most popular from 1966 to 1970, are back and headed on a twelve-date reunion tour! Michael Nesmith, Micky Dolenz and Peter Tork are reunitng for the first time since 1997. This is the first reunion tour since the death of former Monkee, Davy Jones. Though the Monkees are missing a member, they have made it very clear to Rolling Stone that Jones’ “presence and his past will be throughout the show, he will be missed in his absence, but very much on our minds and in our hearts.” The Monkees are focusing on songs from Headquarters, their first real album as a band. A press released issued by the Monkees promised that there will be obscure tracks mixed with classic hits. Some Monkees hits include “I’m A Believer” and “Last Train to Clarksville.” The Monkees might be a bit of a throwback but with the success they had in their prime, this twelve-date reunion tour is practically a guaranteed success!

The dates are listed below and tickets can be bought from

November 8, 2012: The California Center for the Arts; Escondido, California

November 9, 2012: The Arlington Theatre; Santa Barbara, California

November 10, 2012: Greek Theatre; Los Angeles, California

November 11, 2012: Flint Center for the Performing Arts; Cupertino, California

November 15, 2012: State Theatre; Minneapolis, Minnesota

November 16, 2012: The Chicago Theatre; Chicago, Illinois

November 17, 2012: Lakewood Civil Auditorium; Cleveland, Ohio

November 18, 2012: The Center for the Arts; Buffalo, New York

November 29, 2012: Keswick Theatre; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

November 30, 2012: State Theatre Regional Arts Center; New Brunswick, New Jersey

December 1, 2012: The Paramount; Huntington, New York

December 2, 2012: The Beacon Theatre; New York, New York

-Meg C.


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