Phillip Phillips Set to Release First Album

August 30, 2012

For all of you American Idol fans that voted for Phillip Phillips, prepare yourselves, because the American Idol season eleven winner is currently working on his very own album. The release date is still yet to be announced, but that doesn’t mean the anticipation hasn’t already begun.

132 million votes later, Phillip Phillips was crowned the 2012 American Idol. I know, old news right? Well hang tight because the winner said his new album will have a couple of songs that relate to his first debut single, “Home”, which sold more than 270,000 downloads when it was released. Phillips’ “Home” also made it onto the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at number nine.

In a recent interview, Phillip shares that he is still learning about the music industry and how it all works. He says he still gets confused when someone tells him how many downloads his song gets, because he doesn’t know if the amount is good or bad. No need to worry about the technical stuff Phillip, just keep doing your thing on your guitar!

Phillip had an interview with MTV where he spilled some emotional thoughts about how he wants the album to reflect him. “I just want to put out something that represents me. That’s the biggest thing. I don’t want to put out something that I’m going to look back and be like ‘Man, I wish I would have had more time to put this kind of section in there, or that kind of part in there, but I really want to be proud of it and be like ‘Yeah, that’s my stuff.’ And hopefully people will enjoy it as much as I will.”

Check out Phillip Phillips first debut single “Home” below and be on the lookout for the album release date!

-Nicole C.


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