Nicki Minaj Shines in Two New Videos

August 28, 2012

Recently, no matter what part of the music world you look into, chances are you’ll find Nicki Minaj. This week she has proven to us that she’s not going anywhere any time soon! She’s back at it with two new music videos!

Nicki joined B.o.B in his video for “Out of My Mind” from B.o.B’s Strange Clouds LP; the video dropped this past Thursday. It all starts of with B.o.B. in a mental hospital, trying to get free from a white straightjacket. The following scene is the ATL-based rapper in a black cloak with a Hannibal Lecter mask covering the bottom half of his face but the mask doesn’t prevent him from spitting with sharp timing and precision. B.o.B. then proceeds to have a one-on-one therapy session with Dr. Nicki Minaj (who would have guessed that she’s also a doctor!) This therapy session wasn’t like most though, Nicki stripped out of her white clinical jacket to give a lap dance to the institutionalized B.oB. while rapping. She ended her verse by showing a key in her mouth, promising to get B.o.B. out of the mental institute! But B.o.B. is then denied by his parole board and illegally frees himself. Youtube has an age restriction on the “Out of My Mind” video but if you’re over 18, be sure to check it out!

Nicki Minaj has also released the video for “I am Your Leader” directed by Collin Tilley. Rick Ross and Cam’ron join the female rapper in a video that can only be described as “what you’d expect from Nicki Minaj.” The set is a pink and green house with oddly shaped windows and more neon than anywhere else. Nicki spends most of the video either on top of a zebra rug surrounded by neon deer antlers or rapping in a bathtub surrounded by bubbles and rocking green hair and thigh-high sequined boots. Rick Ross is topless at an extremely long and gold dining room table, in front of a gold statue of Nicki. Cam’ron changes outfits and raps in front of a slime-colored staircase, surrounded by moving pictures of Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj. While this video isn’t age restricted, it is explicit so young ears probably shouldn’t listen to it, or they should at least try to find a clean version!

The “Out of My Mind” video is getting all sort of mixed feedback; some love it, some hate it and others are making references to the Illuminati. The “I am Your Leader” video is also getting a lot of mixed reviews but without a doubt, Nicki Minaj is the only one that could pull off something like that! Let us know below what you think of “Out of My Mind” and “I am Your Leader”!

-Meg C.

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