New Music: Posthumous Single “Enough Said” – Aaliyah ft. Drake

August 6, 2012

New music is only what we expect during the summertime, but when Drake releases a new track, everyone knows it’s going to hit hard.

As you probably already know, the beautiful and talented Aaliyah passed away in August of 2001. It was hard on her fans because she was so talented, but as a token of appreciation to the singer,  Drake has been working on an Aaliyah Posthumous album with its first single  debuting August 5th, 2012 at Drake’s 3rd annual OVO Fest  in Toronto. “Enough Said” is the title of the song where Drake combines  unreleased vocals by Aaliyah herself with his own rapping intertwined.

If you are slightly confused with what I’m talking about when I use the term  “posthumous”, here’s a little more insight: a posthumous album/single is something occurring or reappearing after the death of the originator; in this  case, Drake is re-making Aaliyah’s unreleased, original track’s into a full  length album which he is featured on.

It is obvious that Drake has put a lot of  time and effort into this track to make it perfect. “Enough Said” begins with Aaliyah’s soft voice in a modest echo for the first minute and forty seconds of  the track. Drake then begins rapping with Aaliyah’s echo in the background;  with Drake’s hard voice and Aaliyah’s subtle and calm lyrics, it immediately softens his rap making the words mean so much more. It’s almost as if Drake’s  portraying Aaliyah’s voice is coming from a higher place, meaning heaven. As Drake’s rap comes to an end, Aaliyah’s voice takes over the rest of the song  making it extremely emotional due to the fact that Aaliyah’s voice is finally being heard again. Not much has been released yet, including the release date of the album, so stay tuned because we are hoping that it will be given out in  the near future.

If you didn’t already know, Drake is a huge  fan of Aaliyah’s and has worked on the album for quite sometime now.  With Timbaland being Aaliyah’s good friend and former producer, he doesn’t agree with the project because Drake didn’t  include him and Aaliyah’s good friend, Missy Elliot on the making of the album.

What are your thoughts on the track and do you think Drake should have included Timbaland and Missy Elliot on the project?
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If you’ve yet to hear “Enough Said”, listen  here:

-Alana K.

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