Justin Bieber Releases Best Music Video Yet: As Long As You Love Me

August 1, 2012

Did anyone else set their alarms to 7:55 AM? Well I sure did, along with millions of beliebers and it was well worth it!!

After weeks of waiting, it is finally here. The highly anticipated music video to Justin Bieber’s second hit single off his new album, “As Long As You Love Me” has shocked the world. This video, released at 8:00 AM this morning, is six minutes of pure excitement; and even if you aren’t a Belieber, you will be one after watching it!

The anticipation for this video sky rocketed even more when Justin tweeted, “pool scene, kissing scene, fighting scene, crying scene, dancing scene and so much more. ALAYLM Video In Two Days & it needs to hurry fast.” Not only were we excited, we were craving this video like it was presents on Christmas morning. Not to mention the multiple trending topics on Twitter such as, “Justin Bieber – As Long As You Love Me”, “#ALAYLM”, and “#ALAYLMVideo”.

The music video, or should I say short film, begins with the famous actor, Michael Madsen and Bieber having a one on one conversation about Madsen’s daughter, who Bieber claims to be in love with. Madsen simply, yet forcefully, implies to Bieber that he should leave and never come back because he doesn’t want his daughter getting hurt if he left her. Madsen then walks away and the video turns to a scene where Justin is “at a payphone trying to call home” … only kidding, that’s a different song. But in all
seriousness, the music begins as Justin’s walking away from the phones where everything just goes all down hill from there.

I mean, who knew Bieber could act so well! Clearly there are a few things Biebs is hiding from us. Who agrees with me when I say, the kid needs to be in more movies, because this minute long acting scene shows the underlying talent Justin has.

With multiple kissing scenes all interlaced between dancing and fighting ones, this video is very different from Bieber’s other videos. As the video continues, the kissing scenes get extra steamy to the point where Bieber and his girl are rolling around the bed. But, I’ll keep it PG, clearly something Biebs had a little trouble doing this time around.

Of course you were expecting kissing and dancing scenes, but were you expecting it to be so well choreographed to the point where Big Sean’s part just smoothly began. Being that the video was all  about a love story, I didn’t exactly know how Big Sean’s rap would mesh but with no surprise, Bieber found a way to make it work.

With the video coming to an end, a twist had to pop out somewhere.  We all know Justin likes to surprise us but with a fighting scene? Really, Biebs? Do you want us to go insane? I think he does because this was no verbal fight, it was a full on fist fight with Madsen himself. Bieber being full of surprises, threw a big one into this video where he showed snippets of the fight, as well as him looking as if he’s been beaten up. It is obvious that the plan from the beginning of the video was to run away with the infamous girl he just so happens to be madly in love with, well, it ain’t so easy.

As the video comes to a close, Justin and Madsen get into a fight, fists flying in the air as Madsen literally beats Justin up. Justin being the man he is takes it because he knows fighting back will make things way worse. With his girl screaming for them to stop, trying to break up the fight, her father takes her with him and the video ends showing a kiss from the past, leaving the two lovers without each other.

This video was so good, I can’t even begin to emphasize what it was like to watch it, let alone write about it. You need to experience it yourself, so if you haven’t yet, here it is….

-Alana K.

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