Hot New Single: Montana Tucker – “Boys Like You”

August 30, 2012

Talent isn’t even a question when referring to Montana Tucker. This stunning blonde hasn’t been in the public eye for long, but things are definitely about to change. Being a singer, model as well as an actress, she sure does have the right to say she is busy, but nothing stops her. Music is Montana’s passion, and that’s exactly what I’m about to share with you.

With a new single finally out, Montana is just getting started. The title of the track is called “Boys Like You” which has a very up-beat, yet fun and catchy vibe. The background music has a fast tempo which will get you up on your feet and ready to dance. I don’t know about you, but I strongly believe this song should be poppin’ at every club across North America… it’s that good.

Although the track does get you off your feet and ready to move and groove to the beat, it has a lot of meaning behind it. With lyrics, “I was told to stay away from boys like you, but I can’t resist no matter what I do”, this makes it clear what the song is about; a cute boy, of course. Montana is portraying through her singing how certain boys are bad influences and can break your heart; but still have that charm to pull you in and keep you intrigued. Although there are plenty of songs with the same theme, this track is very unique because it is not slow and sad, rather, it’s empowering to woman. It’s sending a message to young girls stating that although some boys are dreamy, they can be bad for you. It also sends implies that young girls need to stand their grounds when it comes to boys, as well as listen to what others are telling them.

This hot new single is not only ready to be on mainstream radio, but ready to be mashed up in many different ways. In my opinion, DJs from all over should be mixing this song at clubs due to the fact that it mirrors the sound of club music. With Montana’s strong vocals and the tracks techno beat, people would be fist pumping everywhere.

I’m telling you, Montana Tucker is on her high horse and she isn’t going anywhere, because no one can stop her! Keep your eyes and ears open from now on and remember her name, you won’t be disappointed.

Take a listen to Montana’s new single “Boys Like You” below:

-Alana K.


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