Bally Who? Ballyhoo!

August 14, 2012

Along with thousands of other alternative music fans, I braved the heat, crowd surfers and crazy mosh pits this summer at the 2012 Vans Warped Tour during one of its last stops in St. Pete, Fl.

The music festival just finished up its 17th year of touring; bringing rock bands from all over the country together in one venue in various cities. This year, the tour traveled to 41 cities with more than 50 bands spaced out over seven stages.

One of these bands, Ballyhoo!, a rock/reggae band from Aberdeen, Maryland quickly became one of my new favorites from the tour.  Although I can’t say I was an “Oldschool Hooligan,” (as I’d never heard of them before the concert,) I decided to check out Ballyhoo! on the Marley Stage because they’re name sounded like fun, which is a perfect way to describe them. Between the dance party, congo line and awesome band-to-fan interaction during their set, I knew right after their last song I’d be headed to their merch tent.

If you like rock, reggae-ish, pop, happy summertime music, you need to check this band out.  These four super chill dudes have been making music for over 10 years and recently signed with Pepper’s LAW Records. The album, ‘Daydreams,’ released in 2011, is the first under that label. One of the best things about the band is their genuine sound. They are the same on the cd as they are live, which is a treasure.  I can’t pick just one favorite song by them, but definitely check out “Last Night,” “Say I’m Wrong,” and “Antisocial” off of ‘Daydreams’, I’ve had the cd in my car on repeat since Warped. There is a perfect song for every mood, and it has yet to get old.

Check out their website for tour dates and other news!

-Brooke P.

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