Sneak Peek: “As Long As You Love Me”

July 27, 2012

The “As Long As You Love Me” music video starts off with a man who just so happens to be the popular, Michael Madsen. You would think the highly anticipated sneak peek would contain music, right? You’re probably just as shocked as I am, because the “As Long As You Love Me” sneak peek contained no more than three seconds of the song. The rest of the preview was the beginning of a short film, which is very different from Justin’s other music videos.
It started off with a man walking outside to meet up with Justin who is waiting on the other side of a gate. He tells Justin to stay away from his daughter, which then he continues to tell the father that he is in love with her. The man in the short film was arguing with Justin telling him he’s no good for his daughter, majority of the preview.
Are you as anxious as I am to see the rest?
Check out the sneak peek here:


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