Hot Summer Concert: Under The Influence Of Music Tour

July 31, 2012

The Under The Influence of Music Tour touched down in Toronto last night, and I was front row and in the middle of it all! The show was held at the famous Molson Canadian Amphitheatre in Toronto. This outdoor venue known for its incredible sound quality made the night unforgettable for the fans, as well as the performers.

With opening acts Boaz, Chevy Woods, Chiddy Bang and Kendrick Lamar, they definitely set the mood and got the crowd amped for more. Although they aren’t as well known as Mac and Wiz, these boys really know how to put on a show. I know you might be confused as to why ScHoolboy Q didn’t perform; unfortunately he had trouble crossing the Canadian border and couldn’t make the show. Even though he wasn’t there, he was in spirit! Without a doubt the boys killed it, only building up the anticipation for Mac Miller and Wiz Khalifa to perform.

With a short intermission, a video of Mac rapping as a baby interrupted the crowd making everyone go silent. Mac finally hit the stage opening with “Best Day Ever” bringing the crowd to life again. He then performed “Knock Knock” which is a crowd favourite and with the audience’s “knocks” on point, it got him smiling real big. Mac went back and forth between playing tracks off K.I.D.S, Best Day Ever, Blue Slide Park and Macadelic. He then told the audience a story through his music where he began to sing “The Mourning After”, “Lucky Ass Bitch” and finally, “Diamonds and Gold”. I’m telling you, Mac Miller really knows how to put on a show. Soon after, he performed “Frick Park Market” making the entire audience go absolutely ballistic. Although Mac likes to have fun and go wild, he settled down for his famous love song “Missed Calls” where he got extremely intimate with his fans. To end his performance, Mac performed “Donald Trump” with every person in the audience singing along with him. From the confetti, balloons and smoke effects, to the incredible lighting, you could tell he really paid close attention to how his performance played out. Sure, all celebrities connect with their fans, but with Mac, his performances are so fan oriented that you can tell how bad he loves doing what he does… for us.

Shortly after Mac got off stage, it was Wiz’s time to shine. As soon as his mic was being set up, decorated with his famous American Flag scarf; his fans knew it wouldn’t be long until he hit the stage. Wiz opened with “Cabin Fever” getting the audience off their feet and singing along with him. He then sang “Phone Numbers”, “Gangbang”, “Homicide” and more until he finally began singing the highly anticipated, “Taylor Gang” where all his fans got super hyped. Wiz, being his goofy self really entertained the audience with his one-of-a-kind laugh and unforgettable facial expressions. Wiz continued his performance with tracks “Never Been”, “Mezmorized”, “In The Cut” and many more. Shortly after, the famous beat of “Young, Wild & Free” began playing making the audience scream and put their hands up in the air. With no surprise, Wiz performed it perfectly making it fun for everyone. As the show came to an end, we were still wondering if he was going to sing his most well known track, “Black & Yellow”. Before we could even blink, the beat came on and we all got overwhelmed with how amazing this next song was going to be. Wiz then performed “Work Hard, Play Hard” where he got the audience chanting the song name and singing along with him. Wiz then took a break to thank all of the fans for coming out before ending his performance with “ONIFC”.

With Toronto natives Drake and The Weeknd watching the entire concert from the side of the stage, it made everyone even more excited not only that they were there, but the fact that they came to watch the show as well.
As Mac and the rest of the Taylor Gang crew came on stage to end the night, Wiz’s last performance meant so much more being as everyone, both on and off the stage were singing the words. Everyone in the audience was taken aback by the outstanding performances, and was without a doubt under the influence of great musical talent.


(Pictures taken by @ElizabethElliss)

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