New Music Exclusive: Ry Good-Tomorrow Girl

June 1, 2012

Who would think I’d make summertime breezy. Let down your hair, make your hard life easy. 

What’s a better way to celebrate Ryan Good’s return to Team Bieber for the #AllAroundTheWorld Promo tour than to release another exclusive track from the funny man? Yeah, we couldn’t think of any other way either.

A few weeks ago, we debuted Ry’s unreleased song, ‘Surfer Girl’ which was the perfect summer song. Well let’s add another perfect summer tune to go with it.

‘tomorrow Girl’ is upbeat and definitely catchy. You may find yourself jamming out to this track while riding in your convertible, on the way to the beach, or while you’re in the shower.

The question is…when did Ry Good record this quirky summer song? One can only guess it was back in My World Tour days but who knows. Regardless the track was never released and we’ve got the exclusive. So take a listen to the track below. You can even download it and add it to your summer playlist!

Be sure to tweet Ry Good and let him know what you think of the song!


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