Justin Bieber-Track by Track Breakdown: Believe

June 22, 2012

The highly anticipated album is finally here! “Believe” has already been named the all-time album of the century. After just 12 hours of its release, it was number one in 33 countries around the world. We all thought to ourselves, “only Justin Bieber can do that.”

Across the tracks, Justin goes from writing about life experiences, to writing about love and also other struggles. He made it clear to the fans that this album was for them, because he felt comfortable letting out his feelings into the songs. After hearing the album, you’ll notice how different and unique it is from when Justin dropped his first album, “My World.” “Believe” has numerous up-beat songs with an R&B feel, as well as slow, acoustic-like tracks.

“My new album #BELIEVE is finally Out on ITUNES and IN STORES!! Enjoy OUR ALBUM!! thank u,” Justin tweeted, at exactly midnight on June 19. Justin had to narrow it down to 16 songs, after recording over 40 for the album. Hard work seriously paid off for Justin, as the album has already been given 5/5 stars.

Boyfriend was the first single released from the album, followed by a music video. When it was released, you immediately heard a difference in Justin’s voice, and his style of music. ‘Boyfriend’ consists of some rapping, singing, and as well as some catchy whispering throughout the song. His voice has matured, but it seems like Justin had no problem hitting those high notes. You might also catch onto the over use of the word Swag throughout the song, which makes the song perfect, because we all know how much Justin using that phrase.

The next single that was released was Turn To You, which was a mother’s day dedication to Justin’s mom, Pattie. This song is extremely personal, because Justin wrote the lyrics about his feelings towards his mom. World’s best son? I think so! The song shows how much Justin appreciates everything that Pattie, his mom, has done for him his entire life. The entire song is
about Justin’s true feelings towards his mom, because he doesn’t feel that he can ever thank her enough for what she has done for him. When this song was released, Justin was generous enough to give the proceeds to The Bethesda Centre in Stratford, which offers support and accommodation for single mothers. This single unfortunately is not on “Believe”, but it is on iTunes to purchase.

Die In Your Arms was next on the list to be released. The song definitely has a Michael Jackson/old-school feel to it. Again, Justin hit those high notes with no problem, following Michael’s footprints. Speaking about being inspired by MJ, Justin took a huge step in his career and thought more along the lines of what MJ would of done, while recording this track. Immediately you can hear a difference in the style of music that Justin has moved onto. Already Justin has shown the world the different sound varieties that he can do, with only three singles released.

All Around The World is nothing like you’ve heard before from Justin. This song is mixed with so many different instruments and beats. It’s been referred to as a techno/dance song, which will definitely be a huge hit in the clubs. Ludacris came back to be featured on a second song with Justin, the first one being ‘Baby’. This song is perfect. There are even times in the song when his voice gets auto tuned in a way to flow perfectly with the song. Ludacris takes over the rapping verse, just like he did for ‘Baby’. Fans have said that this song has already been heard at parties and clubs.

As Long As You Love Me is known to have the same kind of techno/upbeat sound as ‘All Around The World’. Big Sean teamed up with Bieber for this track, and was featured toward the middle of the song, with a unique rap verse. This is another track off of “Believe” that will be a big hit at parties/clubs. Justin’s matured and unique voice flows perfectly with his new sound on the album.

Take You is totally a Justin Timberlake inspiration. Justin’s voice tends to take the same melody and flow as JT’s does in his songs. I don’t think anyone can complain about that! The song still has an upbeat rhythm, but also starts off slow with very few instruments, so its focused on Justin’s voice.

The song that everyone has been waiting for, Right Here, is finally… right here! This song has been highly anticipated, as Justin and Drake have been tweeting constantly about being in the studio together. Both boys are from Canada, and they definitely make great music together; must be that Canadian talent. ‘Right Here’ definitely has a strong R&B sound to it, and isn’t upbeat like a few others featured on the album. This sound truly shows off Justin’s voice. It also strongly shows Drake’s singing ability, and also how talented they are as musicians as they both harmonize each other throughout the song.

Catching Feelings is a cute, soft song. Obviously someone special was on Justin’s mind while writing this one. It’s all about falling in love with that special someone, and Justin shares some lyrics with us that reflect on some of his life experiences growing up. “We’re too young for love, but I am catching feelings,” are one of the many strong lyrics in the song. Do you have anyone in mind, Justin? This song does prove to us fans that Justin does feel comfortable with talking about his feelings, he just prefers to in songs, and that’s okay with us!

Another cute love song on the album, Fall, is definitely one to share with a loved one. The lyrics truly show off Justin’s emotional feelings, and with a very catchy chorus. This is definitely one that ill be stuck in your head. The song has a very slow melody, and to me, it ounds like very few instruments are used during the song, to really catch Jstin’s emotion in his voice as you can tell. It’s already been given a review rom fans as being very “cute” and also “catchy.”

Thought Of You is one of those songs that sound like an MJ inspiration, just by he sound of Justin’s voice. The song is VERY catchy, especially the chorus. It tarts off with Justin’s voice on a low key, and then towards the chorus, he as no problem hitting those high notes.

Beauty And a Beat can easily be a favorite song on the lbum. This song features the one and only, Nicki Minaj. It’s definitely more of  a Nicki sound, but Justin, of course, kills it. From the rhyming, to the rapping, this song is absolutely craziness! Upbeat and tons of techno sounds are what this song is really about. Nicki harmonizes Bieber throughout the song, leading up to her rapping verse towards the end. This is another song that will for sure make it to the clubs!

One Love is a soft, slower song, compared to majority of the others on the album. Justin really shows off his vocal talent in this song, as he focuses on higher notes and also the lower key notes. He really shows the variation that his voice has. The lyrics talk about someone in particular that Justin wants, and how he feels about that special someone. In the background vocals, Justin harmonizes himself that makes the rhythm really flow. The melody gets a little upbeat towards the ending, which makes a perfect finish to the song.

Be Alright is just one of those songs that you can listen to over and over again. It might sound familiar because Justin performed this song at a concert in Toronto in December, and ever since then it’s been a huge hit. It’s just Dan Kanter with an acoustic, and Justin’s vocals. You can tell that Justin is singing this with all emotion possible, because he wants us to know how he really feels. The song is a perfect acoustic addition to the album, because of how raw it sounds. Fans love the fact that it’s just an acoustic guitar, and Justin. His voice is so powerful throughout the song, and is also very relatable no matter what situation your in.

Believe is a huge song on the album. This is the one Justin is always talking about. This song really hits hard for Justin because he’s telling us his thoughts and what he has learned. The song gives advice to people in the lyrics. The lyrics include tips like “didn’t matter how many times I got knocked on the floor, you knew one day I would be standing tall, just look at me now,” and “everything starts with something, but something would be nothing. Nothing if your heart didn’t dream with me, but where would I be, if you didn’t believe.” Justin is really stressing to tell people to never give up on their dream, no matter how big it is. The song reflects back to when he was younger and trying to get somewhere with music. The lyrics tell us that no matter how many times you don’t make it, to never give up, because look what happened to him. Justin wants us to know that the same thing can happen to us, but just to never give up. The background vocals towards the end of the song are kinda of like a church choir. The voices harmonize with Justin’s voice amazingly, especially when they are all singing together. You can easily tell all the emotion Justin is singing with on this track.

Out Of Town Girl is mainly about Justin’s fans that he considers “out of town girls.” In the lyrics he talks about their accents, and how they are different than your average American or Canadian. This is another one of those faster songs, with the different beats in the background. Justin’s voice sounds deeper, because this song specifically doesn’t have that many high notes to hit. Also, the famous “swag” word would be found numerous times throughout the song, either it be in a lyric, or just in the background harmonies.

She Don’t Like The Lights is a song about Selena. The lyrics express how “she” doesn’t like the flashes, or the attention. “She cant hide away, because the world knows who we are,” is a lyric that describes how they cant get away from the attention because everyone knows who they are and what they do. The song starts with a noise of camera’s flashing, intentionally being a paparazzi camera, which suits the song very well. The song is another techno styled one, but not as upbeat as some others, until it gets to the first chorus.

Maria is a crazy song that was written about Mariah Yeater, who made up a rumor that Justin was the father of her child. Justin definitely got back at Mariah by writing this song because partial pieces of the song are just making fun of her. The beginning of the song starts off with Justin in an interview talking about the situation, claiming, “None of it is true.” ‘Maria’ is a very catchy song. The lyrics basically tell a story to the listener about what really happened in the situation with Mariah and Justin. At the end of the song when Justin hit that last note, I think majority of listeners thought of Michael Jackson’s ‘Billie Jean’ immediately. The sound of Justin’s voice hitting that note is the right way to end the song. The whole sound of the track was another reflection of MJ and the way he portrayed his songs. It’s definitely a fast pace song, and the chorus is just so catchy. I wonder what Mariah Yeater thinks now?


Purchase Believe on iTunes here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/believe-deluxe-edition/id534441482



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