Fashion of the Summer: Accessorizing

June 14, 2012

With summer in full swing, the trends have taken off at full speed ahead. Accessorizing is the most prominent and to be honest, probably the most fun. From accessorizing nails and swimsuits to the beloved cell phones, individualizing has never been more exciting!

Several nail trends grace the presence of social networking sites daily as well as the hands of celebs, teens, and women just looking for that playful vibe. Trends range from embellishments on the nails, to rainbow colors or gradient (top right picture- dark to light in the same hue) and the latest: painting all nails the same color with the exception of the ring finger, instead painting it with glitter or a different color completely (bottom right). These trends are so much fun and can really add a flare to a summer outfit. So get started girls, paint the nails before hitting the pools.

Another fun fashion trend that has hit the streets this summer is cell phone covers. With the technology advance and the iPhone craze, everyone is in pursuit of individuality. Cell phone covers seem to be the hottest item to take care of this task.  Jeweled covers and covers with oversize embellishments really stand out. These are really girly and unique so probably best coordinated with a bold personality, but that’s the wonderful thing about the internet, there are options for all.  A lot of these types of covers  can be found on Etsy, but don’t be scared to hit the craft store and create your own! This trend will sure to make you the talk of the party!

And finally, accessorizing the swimwear! Whether it be the most talked about pool party, a lounge day at the beach or just laying out, catching the rays with friends, there is no better way to stand out or make a suit playful than jewelry. You can go extreme if you’re more bold (middle left) or subtle for the shy girl (bottom right). However decided, the look is sure to be fabulous. If you’re worried about tan lines, opt for earrings and bracelets; if not, chunky, layered necklaces are my favorite! Any way you decided to wear it, it will be perfect, there’s no wrong way to accessorize! Just be you and have a blast with it! It’s summer, the season where trends are nothing but FUN!

-Ashlee M.@AshKnowsTheDJ

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